Fashfest 2016 Show 1 – Reverie


While the weather outside was abysmal, Canberrans turned up in droves to support the opening night of Fashfest 2016.

Condensed to just three nights ths year, and with two shows a night, Fashfest 2016 kicked off with Reverie: A visual delight with images to relish. Reverie offered audiences an opportunity to explore fashion for its beauty, its brilliance, and its sensation. The show was for those who want to get lost in a dream, a fantastic reverie.

Overall it was an impressive collection of new and returning Fashfest designers which really set the tone for this year’s events.

I have to make a special mention of musician Kirklandd who performed alongside the talented Ave Nocturna and Mitcharelli. Kirklandd really surprised me by getting me to enjoy Australian Hiphop, and it is fairly obvious why he is described as an exciting member of Aussie hip-hop’s new generation.

Fashfest 2016 runs from 29 September to 1 October at the award winning National Convention Centre. Tickets are still available through the Fashfest website or at the box office.


Beleza Designs – A stunning collection of dazzling head pieces. Feathers, sequins and a hurricane of glitter. Not exactly something you’d wear to the shops (unless you’re Dame Daphne Guinness), but incredibly well made and beautiful pieces for their audience. A great collection to open with.

20160929_cElley Lane – I was really impressed with Lane’s collection. Sleek, refined and elegant – there’s a polish and sophistication here which was really impressive. The silhouettes were refined and the sparing use of colours was impeccable. 20160929_d

CIT Showcase – In previous years I have been a little underwhelmed with the student showcase from CIT, but this year I was blown away by the talent on display. Students showed their individual styles while keeping to a cohesive brief, and the collection of different looks all in white was really fantastic. Bold, uninhibited and most of all creative: it was everything a student collection should be and more.


Rebel Muse presents Alice Mccall and Asilio – An example of what new retail spaces like Rebel Muse are bringing to Canberra. This show exposed the audience to the designs of labels previously not available in Canberra. The looks were luxe and fun, and the styling was impeccable.

20160929_fRed Segment – Showing support for a noble cause, namely women with heart disease, this collection featured custom made garments by a selection of Fashfest designers, all in red. A great way for Fashfest to give back.


Hunter the Label – I had big expectations for the return of Sara Wurcker’s Hunter the label to the Fashfest runway, and I was by no means disappointed. Wurcker presented a beautiful collection of feminine garments with a luxe-casual vibe. In some ways beachy, and very much wearable, this is a collection women will adore.


Sovata – Jade Sargent’s millinery and race wear are renowned in Canberra and the surrounding region for the use of bold colour, impeccable technique and styling. This year’s collection for Fashfest continued Sovata’s reign as top-dog in the field of race wear, showcasing a collection of beautiful pieces impeccably tailored.