Fashfest 2016 Runway Review – Cameron & James



Going into Fashfest there were already a few designers who’s collections I was particularly excited about, and one of these was the latest offerings from Melbourne based Cameron Dixon and his label  Cameron & James.

After the success of his collection for Fashfest 2015 I’m not embarrassed to say that I have become something of a fan-boy of Cameron’s work, and I had fairly high expectations for what I was looking to see from him this year. My mind had painted a picture of the same strong understanding of the importance of a garment’s cut, paired with his unwavering dedication to black and white.

And on the first night of Fashfest 2016, during the second show for the evening Furore, what we got from Cameron & James this year was beautifully aligned with the label’s history, but a clear and determined step forward.


In our interview Cameron mentioned that he and his creative team had a goal to create cohesive ethically produced pieces of clothing, and to make sure they are consistently challenging themselves with each new collection. This new collection then represents a master effort from all involved.


Showing a largely gender-fluid collection of pieces in solid black and patterned black and white, they created a set of beautiful garments that work together as a collection, but which would easily slip into place amongst an existing wardrobe.


Cameron & James pieces are both high fashion and urban streetwear, with a relaxed and comfortable feel brought about by their impeccable tailoring and careful fabric selection.


The use of very geometric patterns and black mesh brought about an almost feudal Japanese element, while the very beautiful cut of the garments kept things very contemporary and sports luxe.


I may or may not have been cataloging the pieces that passed me on the runway in order to place an order as soon as humanly possible.


Dixon stated that the new collection had pushed him technically, and that he had utilised new techniques that he had never tried before in order to create exciting new shapes. However, while the task may have been arduous and may have caused him and his team a fair share of grief, I’m sure that it was absolutely worth it to see the collection brought to life on the runway.


The pieces fit perfectly, looked beautifully polished and ready to be worn. I envisioned myself pairing a white tank top with a pattern like parquetry flooring with a navy blazer and ripped jeans for weekend drinks, and the mesh cut-out shorts being worn to the gym when I want to feel a bit more confident in myself.


While staying true to their core and paying homage to previous collections, Cameron and his team have created a beautiful new collection of refined and intensely cool street wear that has every reason to be considered high fashion, and I cannot wait to see what will come next.

You can get your hands on your own Cameron & James pieces by heading to the website, or by making an inquiry. Don’t forget to check out and follow the Instagram account for updates on upcoming shows in Brisbane and Melbourne, and for future collections as well.