Fashfest 2016 Designer Review – Braddon Tailors




A show that I have looked forward to every year that I have attended Fashfest is Braddon Tailors. Theirs was one of my favourite collections from Fashfest 2015, and knowing how strong a focus designer and CEO Pip Morgan places on the little details such as the selection of fabrics and the emphasis on perfect tailoring I was eager to see what the 2016 show would have for us.

This year Braddon Tailors showed looks in a wash of black and blue. Honestly, for someone who tries to wear 90% blue at any given moment it was sartorial heaven, and very difficult to pick which shade or pattern of blue that I liked best.

Hint: It was all of them.



Speaking with Pip before Fashfest this year, he hinted that we would be seeing a real return to the core of what Braddon Tailors stands for, namely their highly tailored bread and butter, an opportunity to let their Acton Cut really speak for itself. Braddon Tailors believe that the most important thing about menswear is that if a garment doesn’t fit properly, no matter how attractive the wearer, the garment will make you look like a sack of potatoes.

The same can obviously be said for poorly made garments; and that doesn’t just refer to cheaper offerings in the market. If a garment isn’t made with a superior level of fabric, in a good cut, and with effort and time placed into the construction, the garment will degrade quickly and will look very much the worse for wear before you realize it.

And if an outfit is poorly accessorised as well, then you’re just making things that much harder for yourself, which is why this year Braddon tailors accessorised their menswear looks with pieces from their in-house accessories label Casa Pavone.



The collection itself was a fantastic selection of clean tailored lines, using beautiful quality fabrics from the world leading Dormeuil mill (of which Braddon Tailors is proud to be the only official group in Canberra permitted to use this fabric). A mixture of outfits for men and women were presented, which demonstrated the modern Acton Cut take on tailored garments. The fact that the designs allowed the fabrics to drape and hang as they were intended shows the mastery of design at work, and there wasn’t a model on that runway that didn’t look like their garments had been sculpted to their bodies specifically.

The whole collection was perfectly accessorised, which was to say with great thought and subtlety. I was particularly impressed by the knotted strings of pearls paired with the womenswear. It would also be remiss of me not to mention the genius of sending this collection down the runway to Will Smith’s Men In Black. I’m not sure who’s idea it was, but it was BRILLIANT!


While Braddon Tailors runway collections are impressive, it is the one-on-one interactions that you have as a customer that truly make this team so remarkable. I wore my own Braddon Tailors pieces to two of the shows this year and I couldn’t have felt better.

You can get your hands on your own Braddon Tailors or Casa Pavone pieces by heading to their websites, through the shopfront in the Ori Building, or by making an appointment with them directly.

Don’t forget to check out and follow their Instagram accounts for updates on upcoming shows and for future collections as well.