Fashfest 2016 Designer Profile – SZN



I was incredibly excited to see that Suzan Dlouhy would be returning her label SZN to the Fashfest runway this year. As a label SZN is known to many as avant garde styling and a foundation of sustainable design principals, with a focus on simplicity and craftsmanship. SZN produces beautiful, intelligent pieces for a contemporary audience.

Closing out the first show of Saturday night, Spectra, SZN showed a concise collection of unisex looks for Spring/Summer.

The collection utilised almost origami-like construction, with each garment made from a 150cm square piece of fabric. This obviously poses the designer with a variety of challenges, and as a result stimulates the creation of new and interesting tailoring and draping. Constraint has often been utilised by designers in order to stimulate inspiration, and it was clearly successful in this collection.


Dlouhy herself described the collection as not being traditional menswear, or womenswear for that matter, and stated that it was for the more experimental dressers amongst us

A part of me agrees with this assessment, and that is the part of me that never saw himself wanting to own or even wear a chambray jumpsuit. Now it’s all I can bloddy think about, and quite near the top of my post-Fashfest shopping list. I’m already thinking of the potential ways that I could style it for the office and get away with it….

The collection remained true to Dlouhy’s previous designs with featured sustainable textiles such as hemp and organic cotton in ivory, black and chambray. These fabrics are not only environmentally sound, but also incredibly hard-wearing and given to developing character with use. Further, the colours and fabrics used in this collection perfectly align with the requirement of  the design of each garment to be gender and size flexible.



I was incredibly impressed by the beauty and simplicity of this collection from SZN. There was a real lightness to the geometry of the collection, with beautifully understated finishing and gorgeously ephemeral silhouettes. While I agree that it will take a more experimental and experienced dresser to be able to master these beautiful garments as a whole collection, I think that once you break it down into individual garments what you are looking at is interesting and well made pieces with enough inherent character to hold their own in an existing wardrobe.

They have a beauty and a complexity that speaks for itself, and I guarantee you that a SZN garment is an heirloom piece in the making.

You can get your hands on your own SZN pieces by heading to the website, through Assemblage Project, or by making an inquiry. Don’t forget to check out and follow the Instagram account for updates on upcoming shows and for future collections as well.