Fashfest 2015: The Prodigal Daughter


I have been aware of Phoebe Mwanza’s label The Prodigal Daughter for a while now, after seeing her brightly coloured and patterned garments at Hustle & Scout and the likes. I’ve admired the craftsmanship from afar, and despite the fact that I am committed to this minimalist ‘shades of blue only’ wardrobe, I’ve often toyed with the idea of seeing some of her designs as menswear.

As such, it was huge surprise to see The Prodigal Daughter with several menswear looks on the Fashfest 2015 runway this year.

Naturally the womenswear that Phoebe showed for The Prodigal Daughter was a celebration of the bold prints that the designer is now know for, and a true testament to what the label is all about. The menswear, however, was a little on the darker side. Models walked in black slacks of jeans so that the emphasis was solely on the stunning blazers and vests that Mwanza produced in the signature fabrics that her label is known for. There were several crossovers with the fabrics being used for both men’s and women’s garments, which only goes to show just how versatile these designs are. The contrast between the women’s and men’s garments was a terrific way of showcasing that this is a new direction for The Prodigal Daughter, and plays on but inverts the animal kingdom, where males of species are more colourful than the females. It was especially wonderful that Mwanza didn’t just translate her collection into men’s looks, but took the menswear in its own direction.

I really enjoyed this collection from The Prodigal Daughter, and I look forward to seeing more stylish and bright menswear from Phoebe in years to come.