Fashfest 2015: Night Four – Engineer


Fashfest Night Four – Engineer was always going to be a colossal affair. I went into it knowing this, and yet the Fashfest team still managed to blow me away with a showcase of talent the likes of which the Capital has never seen before.

Special mention has to be made of all the musical acts tonight, including Director of Music Ashley Feraude, and vocal guests Canel Cole, Cris Clucas and Kayo Marbilus. The stand-out for me, however, was Mondecreen, and electronic duo with smooth vocals, hard beats and who were all-round a delight to watch.

Now, onto the designer snapshots for closing night…

Zilpha Tart – This collection, titled ‘Warrior’, was a surprisingly sophisticated mix of luxe fabrics and intriguing cuts that evoked the idea of armour but remained wearable. Special mention needs t be made of prints worked into the collection which feature Canberran landmarks like Parliament House and Civic Fountain. Really clever all round.


Boho Bird – Hippy chic re-imagined. The Boho look gets a fresh take in this simple collection of ready-to-wear pieces with luxe detailing. I think that this collection will appeal to a wide audience of women.


Simon Péréle – Stunning French lingerie presented by style-stalwart of Canberra Stephanie’s of Kingston. This is the sort of lingerie that you can’t even bring yourself to gape at because the quality is so instantly apparent, it feels more like you’re viewing art than girls in their knickers.


Cameron & James – Stunning black and white pieces featuring asymmetrical cuts, luxurious fabrics and subtle detailing. I have been waiting MONTHS to see this collection and it was so worth the wait. Designer Cameron Dixon presents a collection of very wearable pieces which hold a timelessness and an understated beauty. Watch this space – I see a large order in my near-future…


CIT Graduates – A nice little nod to the official Education Partner of Fashfest, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), which saw the best of the collections of recent CIT Graduates walking down the runway a second time. this collection contained pieces we had seen across the four nights of Fashfest, and gave the CIT Cohort a lovely opportunity to take a bow together.


Assemblage Project – Karen Lee’s reputation within Canberra is testament to the quality and individuality of her designs, and tonight’s collection only builds upon this legacy. Lee also showed a collection in black and white, with unexpected silhouettes and design elements reminiscent of Comme des Garcons. Exquisite attention to detail and a beautiful collection to behold.


Corr Blimey and Silver Atom – Well goddamn! Corr Bilmey have done it yet again with the second part of the Propaganda Collection, ‘Z’. The pieces were angular, punchy and somehow bright despite the muted colour tones (I did notice the blue though, Louisa!). Complimented perfectly by pieces from Silver Atom fine metalwork, ‘Z’ was a clean foray into new design territory, with the influence of collaborator Walter Knoll making an impact on the label’s DNA.

The perfect note to close the show on.