Fashfest 2015: Night 1 – Activist


Fashfest 2015 kicked off with a spectacular line-up of designers all showing collections grouped under the banner of ‘Activist’. The National Convention Center looked absolutely amazing, proving itself to be a worthy new home for the event, and I was delighted to see the impressive turn out. The designers showing tonight catered to an array of different audiences, but all showed under the collective banner of ‘Activist’ and brought the audience something to think about through their unique take on the problem of what we put on our backs. The mesnwear shown tonight was all of a very high caliber, and I am really looking forward to sharing these with you all in greater detail next week.

For now, here is my very brief snapshots of the designers collections from tonight.

Ziyah – This is the first time a recent CIT Graduate has opened the Fashfest show, and what better way to kick things off for 2015? A really fantastic collection of fashion-forward swimwear in a gorgeously refined colour pallet. Fun but sensible use of prints, and unique textures achieved through the use of different fabrics. I love the one menswear look that was included, and I’m hoping that we’ll see more men’s swimwear in next year’s collection!


Little Jane Lane – frilly, frivolous Fun. This collection was like a punch in the face with a bag full of kittens, cupcakes and cherry blossoms. Incredibly intricate detailing and a sugar-sweet colour pallet.



Solar Bare – Sun-safe and eye-safe. Taking sun-conscious swimwear to a fashionable place. Really fantastic prints and cuts used throughout the collection.


That Bird Label – 60’s inspired ready-to-wear. Very Valley of the Dolls, without all the prescription drugs. A solid collection of pieces that will appeal to a wide variety of women.


The Prodigal Daughter – A stand-out for me tonight, I had no idea that there would be Menswear included in this collection. The Prodigal Daughter is well-known for incorporating traditional African fabrics and exquisitely detailed patterns into her designs, and tonight’s collection was a celebration of this reputation. A pleasure to behold.


Simone Péréle Lingerie – Stunning French lingerie presented by style-stalwart of Canberra Stephanie’s of Kingston. This is the sort of lingerie that you can’t even bring yourself to gape at because the quality is so instantly apparent, it feels more like you’re viewing art than girls in their knickers.


The Professor’s Daughter – A really polished and wearable collection in bold prints and unique feminine cuts. A really well rounded collection for women of all walks of life. Brilliant details too!


Perpetually Five + Clare – Monochromatic madness. A collection inspired by Children’s nightmares, featuring fantastic proportions, interesting cuts, killer choreography and some stunning masks! The perfect note to close out the first night of Fashfest, although I have to say I did not appreciate the creepy choreography so much as I was walking to my car by myself after the show :S