Denim Shirt – A Modern Menswear Staple

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Trying something new with a denim shirt worn to work. I like the look but the feel of the shirt was off. I’m wearing: Navy single-button blazer – ASOS | denim button-down shirt – Bershka, Shibuya | blue and white striped cotton pocket square – Uniqlo, Tokyo | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | burnt orange cotton chinos – FCUK | navy socks with polka-dots – Witchery Man | whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery |


The humble denim shirt has always seemed like a terrible sartorial choice to me. I had the idea that double denim outfits were horrific drummed into me at a young age, and now whenever I consider pairing denim with more denim, I don’t get a mental image of the sexy ad campaigns of G-Star Raw; but more a flashback to that time Britney and Justin wore a matching double denim outfit to… something; and all of our eyes threw up in their sockets a little.

So, you’ll understand perhaps my apprehension at introducing any denim to my wardrobe that isn’t a pair of jeans.

I’ve been curious for a little while now, however, and while jeans often steal the limelight as our preferred denim garment of choice; a denim shirt can be considered the quiet workhorse of your contemporary menswear wardrobe.

Like most modern staples, a denim shirt has endured rough patches and terrible interpretations before now, and you have to take the historical bad with the modern good.

You also have to make sure you select the right kind of denim shirt for your body type and for your personal style.

The one that I am wearing today is a more heavyweight Western style, which is probably a little too casual and masculine for my personal look and style, but I do like the way that it looks in this outfit, and the blue collar, workerwear roots it evokes.

I’m still figuring out just how to slot a denim shirt naturally into my wardrobe, but I can see the potential for this piece or something similar moving forward. For casual, smart-casual or business-casual outfits, the denim shirt has the potential to look great all-year round. Paired with suede boots and jeans in a contrasting denim for a very casual look, or dressed up with trim chinos, loafers and a  tweed blazer for a refined winter look.


I’m looking forward to trying a few more looks with this denim shirt, but I’d love to hear your suggestions. How do you wear your denim shirt to its maximum appeal? Let me know in the comments down below.

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