Daily Outfits: Clashing Patterns for Dummies


Something that comes and goes as far as trends are concerned is this idea of clashing patterns. It is something that pops up every now and then as the new ‘it’ idea, and we see a whole host of magazines showing all the different ways in which clashing patterns are going to solves your daily outfit woes. Here’s the thing though: when you just throw a bunch of different clashing patterns together without any thought at all other than “Wow, these really don’t go together!”; it looks like shit! That’s really the whole point of clashing patterns: THEY CLASH! They create a veritable eyesore that makes the viewer take a pause, and in the glossy pages of a fashion magazines this works, because we’re supposed to stop and consider the picture that the pieces make. But in reality, you just look poorly dressed. That is, of course, unless you give some solid consideration to your clashing patterns BEFORE you, you know, clash them. Ultimately while the look is all about the differences, it only works if there are some inherent similarities in your clashing patterns to begin with.

Today, for example, I decided to experiment with clashing patterns using two of my staple wardrobe pieces that build upon the same basic colours: blue and white. I wore:

blue mirrored aviator sunglasses – ebay
blue and white striped seersucker blazer – Meeting Street, ebay
navy cotton sweatshirt with white tsunami pattern – Bershka, Shibuya Japan
tan leather belt with hand-etched rose pattern – made by my dad
dark navy coated denim jeans – ASOS
navy cotton socks with white polka-dots – Happy Socks
whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery