Daily Outfit: Untucked


I think one of the very first style/grooming rules that I was ever taught by my mother was to never leave the house with your shirt-tails untucked. It is so ingrained in my mind now that when I made conscious decision to leave my shirt untucked today, I felt like I was forgetting something really important for most of the day. I’ll admit that as far as wardrobe experiments go, leaving your shirt untucked is pretty tame, but I have noticed a lot of the fashion bloggers that I follow on Instagram pairing untucked shirts with warm sweaters with great results, and I really wanted to try it for myself. There’s just one problem: we’re talking about generally tiny Asian women here, and I am a gargantuan white man. As such, the look doesn’t really work in the same way. To be perfectly honest, I just looked incredibly scruffy and unkempt all day, and not at all like a stylish Blogger with a Birkin and a seemingly endless supply of Starbucks coffees.

That said, this was actually a really comfortable outfit to wear, as I love anything with longer sleeves that cover my hands a little. For today’s untucked experiment I am wearing:

navy polyester cable-knit sweater – Oval Dice, Harajuku Tokyo
French blue linen shirt – Trenery
navy and orange cotton webbing belt – Country Road
Riley raw denim jeans in indigo – G-Star
navy cotton sock with white polka-dots – Trenery
whiskey brown leather loafers with tassels – ASOS