Daily Outfit: Thirsty For Tokyo

1. Too eager to get something (especially play)
2. Desperate

I spent my second day in Tokyo rushing around trying to tick off some of the things on my massive list of things to do while I am here. I have been looking forward to this trip since I booked it back in August, and in that time I have gotten a little thirsty about it. I’m only here for eight days, after all, and there is stuff that I need to get done while I am here.

I was also literally thirsty all day, on account of the running around and the crush of human body heat on the trains and subways; so I spent a lot of time at vending machines.

20141122_bToday’s thirsty Tokyo outfit was:

Navy perforated sweater with neon orange trim – ASOS
navy cotton tank-top – ASOS
Orange and navy ribbon belt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Beat-up old Riley jeans – G-Star
Orange and navy sneakers – Puma

20141122_cVending machines are literally everywhere in Tokyo, making it very easy to quench your thirst or to get yourself a much needed caffeine or sugar fix. The range of choices is staggering, and the convenience cannot be matched.

Being thirsty for Tokyo in general, however, is much more difficult to quench. Today it involved trips to Tokyo Station and Asakusa Sensoji temple. I did a lot of window shopping, not wanting to spend all of my Yen on the second day, and so I am now compiling a list of what I can get and where, and I will head back later on and pick up the things that I really want to bring home with me.

Because while I may be thirsty, I’m not stupid 😛