Daily Outfit: The Navy Blue Knight


I love the colour navy blue. In the world of Fashion where black is the go-to colour, navy is a refreshing reprieve of understated elegance and refined cool. Navy blue is many of the things that black is famously attributed with, but without being quite so severe. Navy Blue is slimming, it is forgiving to your figure, it is versatile beyond belief and it is exceptionally elegant. Navy blue is often thought of a stuffy and old fashioned, but in a lot of ways for me that is a part of it’s charm. The resilience of the colour means that is will age gorgeously into varied hues of blue over time, where black tends to fade quickly and look cheap or dirty. And while it is a colour that is in several different cultures traditionally associated with lower classes, the blue collared and the working class; the most stunning gowns at the Oscars or Cannes are often worn by older women, and are cut from navy blue cloth. Navy blue is powerful and composed, both things that I enjoy feeling, and actively try to aim for in curating my wardrobe.

Today I was clearly feeling the navy blue love, and so I composed an outfit around my favourite hue of blue. I wore:

navy blue quilted shirt-jacket – Elwood, from Catch of the Day
light blue cotton Oxford shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
maroon silk knit necktie – Casa Pavone
gold-tone tie bar – gift
brown leather belt – Sportscraft
dark coated denim jeans – ASOS
whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery