Daily Outfit: Summertime Sadness

20141114_aToday I really do have that summertime sadness, thanks to a staggering spike in the temperature here in Canberra. My daily outfit was really not geared towards the ridiculous thirty-three degree weather that we had, and so I was fairly uncomfortable for most of the day. Granted, I took my blazer off the second I got into the office today, but even in jeans and a T-shirt I was beyond done with the temperature.

By the time the Boyfriend picked me up from work and we headed out to dinner, the sky was overcast and grey, but there was still a very warm breeze and it was muggy and not conductive to wearing a blazer.
20141114_bFor this weather unfriendly daily outfit I wore:

Navy over-sized wool double breasted blazer – Oxford, thrifted
White cotton t-shirt with pocket – ESPRIT, via Etsy
Religious medals necklace (Archangel Michael/Mary) – assembled by me
Black leather belt – repurposed from wedding outfit
Grey boot-cut cotton jeans – Armani|Exchange, hand-me-downs
White Chuck Taylors with Superman print – Converse
20141114_cOn an unrelated note, today is my four-year anniversary with my beautiful boyfriend, who was kind enough to snap these daily outfit pictures for me. He is incredibly patient with me and never minds taking my outfit shots for me, in increasingly random locations. I am so lucky to have such an amazing guy in my life, to call my own, and so I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to him for all his love and support. I love you baby <3 <3 <3