Daily Outfit: Secret Society

20141020_aWhenever I wear this midnight blue necktie with the skull and crossbones motif, I feel like I am trying to dress like a member of a secret society.

I think that this is because of that awful 2000 movie The Skulls which was about a secret society called the Skull and Bones, and despite how much I love this necktie I always feel a little ridiculous wearing it around the place. The idea of a secret society is appealing in theory, but the idea that one would blatantly advertise the fact that they belong to such a group by wearing a necktie emblazoned with their insignia is a little naff to say the last. Furthermore, Australia doesn’t really have the same University as the US and Britain, and as such the idea of such a secret society existing here is a little ridiculous.
20141020_bToday the secret society outfit that I am wearing is very much on the preppy side, and  I really love the colour pallet:

Brooklyn sunglasses in blue and silver mirrored – Bambooz
Navy double-breasted blazer with striped texture – labeless, thrifted
Blue and white striped button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Midnight blue silk necktie with skull and crossbone motif – Express Design Studio, thrifted
Gold-tone tie clip with alligator leather insert – vintage, etsy
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Burnt orange chinos – FCUK

20141020_cI cannot honestly say that the idea of secret societies really holds that much interest for me personally, but the whole Americana Collegiate/Preppy look really does. This is because Australia just doesn’t have that sort of a culture, and we certainly don’t have much of anything that really resembles the Ivy League Universities the America can boast. I guess in that sense, the world of preppy dressing and fashion is sort of like a secret society that actually does interest me.