Daily Outfit: In Search of Casual Luxury

20141016_aI spend a lot of my time in search of casual luxury, and this week I have fallen back into bad habits this week I’m afraid.

A lot of my outfits have veered into casual-Friday territory, regardless of what day of the week it actually is, as a result of my searching for that holy grail for the 9-to-5ers: casual luxury. Anyone can throw together pieces of casual wear and luxury goods and hope that they find the perfect balance, but truthfully it very rarely happens outside of magazine editorial. Most of us cannot afford to live our lives in head-to-toe designer goods, so me make sacrifices, cut corners, and try to pad out our wardrobes with lower-line pieces. The ultimate goal is to pass this off as casual luxury. It is precisely what I was trying to do with today’s outfit.
20141016_bToday I went with a really casual look, and while I like the way that it looked and I was comfortable all day, I cannot help but feel that I missed the target of Casual Luxury entirely. I am wearing:

Brookly bamboo sunglasses in blue/silver – Bambooz
Navy wool-stretch blazer – Travel Jacket, thrifted
White cotton polo shirt – Trenery
Black leather belt – Rapahel Steffens
Blades straight-leg jeans – G-Star, ebay
Blue leather boots with buckle detail – G-Star

20141016_cWhile I may not have dressed to the Casual Luxury standard today, I still feel like it is something worthwhile striving for. The working day is tedious enough without having to get about in an ill-fitting off the rack suit, no matter who’s name is in the label. My G-Start jeans might be very gauche, and my Trenery polo as common as muck; but when I look at my colleagues struggling to smile in their 9-to-5ery, I feel that casual luxury is very near indeed.