Daily Outfit: Restricted in Blue


The more colour that I strip from my wardrobe, the more that I realise just how much I love living with a colour-restricted wardrobe. Limiting myself to clothes that are blue seemed quite daunting when I started on this journey, and I’ll admit I have often despaired “I wish it came in blue!!!” However, more and more I am finding that I am really loving the freedom that comes from being restricted in what you can or cannot placed on your back. A colour restricted wardrobe is an opportunity to expand the textural, structural and aestetic elements of you clothes, freeing you from the confines of a colour pallet. Every piece works well together when you have restricted your style to a single colour, it all just works. Sure, I still work in the occasional piece that isn’t blue, and breaking from what is restricted really stands out. However, more and more I only do this with accessories, and even then, sparringly.

I wanted to celebrate being restricted today, and so I wore some of my favourite blue pieces:
royal blue acrylic beanie – XTM
silk crepe scarf in MelbourneNow print – MaterialByproduct
indigo and charcoal heavy wool tweed blazer – Braddon Tailors
steel blue cotton v-neck t-shirt – CottonOn
black leather belt – re-purposed
indigo raw denim Riley jeans – G-star
sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire