Daily Outfit: Mental-Dental

I am absolutely terrified of the Dentist. I’m terrified of most medical procedures actually, with the exception of things that I know intimately, like having food poisoning or a cold. Anything else sends me into full-blown panic cycles where I convince myself not only that it is highly likely I will die, but in fact that it is really the only possible outcome, and that it will be hideously, unbearably painful.
So when I cracked a filling just under two weeks ago, my most recent cycle of horror began in earnest.

My Dentist (Modern dentistry for any Canberrans – go see them, they’re amazing) was not able to fit me in until today. Other dentists could have seen me, but I would sooner rip the offending tooth out myself with rusty pliers than let anyone other than Dr. Ng touch my teeth. I literally have to drug myself to be able to walk through the doors of the practice, let alone to sit in the chair; seeing another Dentist is quite frankly out of the question.

I’m wearing:

black window-pane check blazer – Euromerican tailors, Hong Kong
white Business shirt with rich navy stripes – T.M. Lewin, Boyfriend’s
navy and maroon checked polyester necktie – Chinatown, Sydney
gold-tone Tie-bar and Cufflinks – gifted by my other-mother
black leather Belt with stitching detail – found wardrobe item
black resin-coated straight-leg Jeans – G-Star Raw
black leather Chelsea Boots – Country Road

As it turns out, it was only a matter of drilling out the old filling and replacing it with a new one. Overall it was quick, painless and nothing like the blood-splattered vision of horror I had been obsessing over for two weeks. I demanded a reward for actually going and getting it seen to, so afterwards the Boyfriend and I had Japanese for dinner. Thankfully, I can now put the horror of Dentistry behind me for another 6-months, when I’m scheduled for a check up.