Daily Outfit: Melon? Salmon? Coral?

I had this shirt made by a travelling tailor, which adds salt to the wound of the fact that I actually hate it. The cut of the shirt is great, and it is a lovely cotton fabric- I just really hate the colour. Some would call it coral, some salmon, others melon. Whatever you call it, there is no denying that it is hideous, and not at all what I was expecting when the tailor said ‘bright orange’. Now, after spending more than I care to disclose on the shirt, I’m stuck not wanting to throw it out, but equally hating to wear it.

I try to force myself to wear the shirt once a month, so I’ve worn it in today’s outfit:

Blue and white striped seersucker blazer – Meeting Street, Etsy
Coral tailored button-down shirt – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Blue and white striped seersucker necktie – Vintage Brooks Brothers
Gold tone tie bar – gift
Black leather belt – repurposed from wedding ensemble
Dark indigo Riley loose tapered jeans – G-Star, eBay
Blue leather boots with buckles – G-Star

I’ve received a few compliments on the colour of the shirt today, and especially with regards to pairing it with the seersucker blazer. I have to admit I felt a little like a candy-striper in this outfit, or like I should be working in an icecream truck. At least, I guess, it is a solid colour to block against the stripes of the seersucker.

Lastly – just a reminder to all Canberra and interstate readers, tickets for FashFest 2014 are now on sale. I’ll be attending every night of the Event, and I’d strongly encourage you to check it out as well.