Daily Outfit: Mark 06 Jacket

I am completely smitten with this polyester jacket that I picked up in H&M in Finland, and it is rapidly becoming my go-to winter jacket.

It is actually a part of a runner’s get-up with a pair of matching leggings/tights that I have at home, and while they look pretty bad-ass together, I won’t be subjecting you to that view anytime soon. The jacket is also blissfully warm, most likely because it is made of several different kinds of plastic. It makes it perfect for dreary days like today, where the sky over Canberra is wet and grey looking, and the wind is particularly vicious.

I think that a large part of the reason that I love this jacket, however, is because the colours and design remind me of one of the huge robots from my favourite Anime series Evangelion. Specifically for any geeks out there, I’m talking about the Mark 06 from the Rebuild of Evangelion.

Today I am wearing:

Navy polyester jacket with orange details and reflective stripes – H&M Sport
Orange checked button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Navy silk necktie with woven Gridiron player motif – vintage Landsend
Black leather belt – Raphael Steffens
Blades loose tapered jeans – G-Star, ebay
Black leather military boots – Zu Shoes

Another purchase from my trip which I love, is this awesome silver grid ring that I picked up in Stockholm. I really love how simple the design is, and the geometry of the ring. It reminds me of the grid books that we used for maths when I was in high school, which is odd because maths was my least favourite subject. It also reminds me of Crispix cereal though…