Daily Outfit: Jacket Weather


With the onset of winter here in Australia, it means that it is officially jacket weather, and time to bust out that time-honoured piece that you always reach for when the weather starts to turn.

Unless of course you have never had a favourite jacket, because you have never quite been able to find one that fits your perfectly, or whose colour or fabric you feel in love with at first sight. For example I own seven different navy blazers, but I do not own a winter jacket. I’ve just never been able to find one that I truly liked, or that wasn’t gimmicky and only suitable for a single season’s wear. I used to have a gorgeous Burberry trench coat that I adored, but the truth of the matter was that it was hugely over-sized, and made me look like a total pervert whenever I wore it in public. I have been lusting after a friend’s gorgeous quilted Barbour coat since he returned from the UK with it, but the idea of forking out that sort of money for something I can only wear three months out of tweleve doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve been umming and ahhing about which way I should go, completely undecided, for months now. And so you can imagine just how excited I was when I saw this quilted shirt-jacket in navy by Elwood for a fraction of the cost, on Catch of the Day! Needless to say, I snapped that up quickly!

It was a perfect day to test the new jacket’s capacity today, with gloomy rain and drizzly winds all day. I snuck out of the office for five minutes this afternoon and into the squall in order to grab these photos of my daily outfit. Today I wore:

Navy quilted cotton shirt-jacket – Elwood, from Catch of the Day
Navy crew-neck cotton t-shirt – ASOS
Black leather belt – repurposed
Heaviliy distressed raw denim Arc jeans – G-Star
Sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire