Daily Outfit: Gingham Glory

20141110_aI have a potentially unhealthy love for gingham.

Well, for checks of all kinds really: gingham, tartans, plaids, even houndstooth. I love any sort of geometric grid-based pattern for menswear to an alarming degree. My best friend Mags put her foot down a few years ago, telling me that I had too many checked patterns in my wardrobe, and that I wasn’t allowed to buy any more things in checked patterns until I got rid of some of my older pieces. A few months later, I threw out a beautiful blue and white checked Zara shirt which had gotten too small for me.

Then I bought this amazing gingham suit to make up for the loss.
20141110_bI was in a bit of a sour mood when I woke up this morning, on account of my phone suddenly dying, and so to cheer myself up I threw on a gingham-heavy daily outfit. Today I am wearing:

Navy and white gingham blazer (part of a suit) – Meeting Street, vintage from Etsy
Orange and white gingham button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Brooklyn bamboo sunglasses in blue and mirrored silver – Bambooz
Orange and navy striped cotton webbing belt with leather fastenings – Trenery
Indigo wash Riley jeans in raw denim – G-Star, Ebay
Blue leather boots with buckle detail – G-Star
20141110_cI have gingham and other patterns on my mind at the moment, as it is officially eleven sleeps until I leave for Tokyo for my first ever solo holiday, and to be perfectly frank, I’m looking to shop myself into a coma. I’d really like to find another navy and white gingham shirt, and a necktie as well. I’m aware that sizing is likely to be an issue, but I’m not going to be put off. Japan is home to some truly amazing designers, many of whom have put out really amazing pieces in gingham, and I intend to get my hands on some new pieces.

Mags’s gingham ban be damned!