Daily Outfit: Dreaming of Denim

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times– I love my jeans. 

Not specifically the pair I wore today (Though they are among my favourites), but all jeans and denim trousers in general. As a wardrobe staple they are, time and again, the most forgiving and understanding garments. They can tend to be a little stayed and plain as a result though, and I am starting to feel that I could really do with more jeans in my wardrobe.

Today I wore:

Navy pinstriped merino blazer – Ermenegildo Zegna, thrifted
Blue and white micro-stripe shirt – T.M. Lewin, ebay
Navy and orange silk necktie – Robert Talbot, Etsy
Gold-tone cufflinks and tie clip – gift
Navy and orange ribbon belt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Lightly distressed ARC-cut jeans – G-Star
Blue leather boots – G-Star

I have three pairs of Levis that I thrifted recently sitting in my DIY pile which I have been meaning to do something with, and so I think maybe this weekend or next it will be time to bust them out and do something a little daring; in order to give my wardrobe a denim injection. I have a few ideas, not necessarily corporate aligned ideas either… Good thing where I work is fairly lax by public service standards. I have been seeing a few different denim looks on the runways lately that I have felt like trying to replicate. I’ll let you be the judge of whether they pass once I’ve actually DONE the DIY.