Daily Outfit: Deadliest Catch

It was not intentional at all, but I sort of planned an ensemble for today that has left me looking like I should be hauling up crab-pots out of the freezing Atlantic Ocean while swearing at the camera on Deadliest Catch. I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing, and as a look I sort of dig the combination, sort of L.L. Bean meets Red Lobster meets Australian suburbanite homosexual…

Today’s deadliest outfit is:

navy woollen Puffer-Jacket – Country Road
off-white long-sleeved Top – Country Road
prawn keyring worn as Necklace – random Crasian store in Melbourne
black leather Belt – from a Wedding ensemble
sherbet orange pleat-fronted Slacks – Polo Ralph Lauren
black leather Chelsea Boots – Country Road  

I found this prawn keyring/phone decoration when I was last in Melbourne, before I became violently ill and collapsed into a hysterical, sobbing wreck that my best friend had to tend to for several days. The tail is articulated and the whole prawn ‘scuttles’ when you pull a string it is attached to. Aside from a few confused “Why are you wearing that?”s, the Necklace has been a big hit thus far, and is ironically fitting for this ensemble.