Daily Outfit: Costume Jewelry Experiments





I’ve got a bit of a costume jewelry fixation at the moment. It started out thanks to Etsy, and the fairly substantial collection of vintage cocktail jewelry from designers like Balenciaga, Celiné, Chanel and Pierre Cardin that kept coming up when I searched for these labels. There is just something about an insanely over the top brass necklace with a Balenciaga label that just does it for me. The idea of investing in a few really chunky gold chains in different styles has really grown on me, and I find myself more and more searching for that perfect vintage piece. I also love the juxtaposition of an upper eschelon designer label like Chanel producing costume jewelry, because no matter how well made it is, it is still just that: costume jewelry. It is something that is pretending to be jewelry, really. The only problem that I have with these pieces is that they’re still selling for upwards of $400 a piece for something that is potentially fourth-hand, and made out of really basic bits and pieces, I just don’t want to fork-out for something that I may very well end up hating. As such, while I was in Harajuku in Tokyo last November, I picked myself up two matching gold chains from a little store called Paris Kids that sells lots of costume jewelry. For 200 Yen (about $2 Australian). Think of them as training wheels before I take that next step and actually invest…

Today I wore one of the two necklaces in the following outfit:

Navy pinstriped wool blazer – Rebrandt Sartorial, thrifted
Pale blue Oxford cloth button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Gold-tone thick chain costume jewelry necklace – Paris Kids, Harajuku
Navy and white striped cotton webbing belt – Sportscraft
Dark navy coated denim straight-leg jeans – ASOS
Cream perforated leather sneakers with navy suede detail – Puma, thrifted