Daily Outfit: No Beach? No Problem!

20141021_aOne of the most common criticisms of Canberra that I hear is that “There’s no beach!”.

And while yes, it is true that we do not have easy access to the ocean, being Australia’s only land-locked State, this doesn’t mean that there is no beach here. I discovered very recently, while walking around Lake Gininderra in Belconnen, that there are in fact three sandy beaches on this lake alone! I was so surprised by this beach on the west side of the Lake that I decided to come back and shoot my daily outfit posts here today. We’re having rather volatile weather here in Canberra at the moment, which I personally love, but I am glad that it cleared up this afternoon so that I could take these pictures and show you just what ‘no beach’ looks like.

20141021_bAs there is no beach in Canberra, I didn’t really dress to be splashing around in the ware today. As such, I am wearing:

Brooklyn sunglasses in blue and mirrored silver – Bambooz
Navy wool-stretch blazer – Travel Jacket, thrifted
Blue and white floral tailored cotton shirt – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Orange polyester knit necktie – Uniqlo, Tokyo
Gold-tone tie clip – gift
Blue and white cotton webbing belt with leather fastenings – Sportscraft
Taupe whipcord chinos – Trenery
Brown suede loafers with webbing detail – Raphael Steffens

20141021_cGranted, this little sandy patch on the lake’s foreshore is no beach when compared to Much of the central coast or even Bondi, but I put it to you that this is in fact a beach. I have been to St. Kilda beach in Melbourne, and compared to that , this is like the cover of a glossy travel brochure. I honestly couldn’t tell you if it was safe to swim here, but that’s not really the point is it? Most people don’t really go to the beach to swim, but more to lay on the sand and relax in the sun.

So next time someone tries to tell you that there’s no beach in Canberra, you can point them in my direction.


*SIDENOTE: The author does not condone nor encourage the reader swimming in Lake Gininderra or Lake Burly griffin under any circumstances. Just because there’s no beach in Canberra doesn’t mean you need to put your health in danger. That said, I have been in Lake Giniderra when I was younger… But that is a story for another time.