Daily Outfit: ASOS All-over


Today at work I got into a conversation about ASOS, and whether it was worthwhile buying clothes from the internet clothing giant. As a huge fan of ASOS, I was obviously encouraging my colleagues who had not tried shopping with ASOS to do so. It wasn’t until much later this afternoon that I realised that I was wearing two pieces that I have picked up from ASOS, and that a large portion of clothes in my wardrobe are currently either ASOS, or brands that are stocked by ASOS. I have been thinking about it ever since, and while I love beautiful and well made pieces, like my glorious MaterialByproduct scarf and my Corr Blimey jeans; it is very hard to deny that ASOS do an amazing job with what they have. For a fast-fashion online retailer, the clothing that I have purchased from them is almost always well constructed and fairly long lasting, and better yet comes in a huge range of sizes that a lot of other sites simply do not offer. Being a larger guy, it is nice to know I can go to ASOS and pick up an armful of clothes to pad-out my wardrobe around my more expensive pieces, and that they will fit me well and be on-point as far as style and construction are concerned.

What are you thoughts about ASOS? I love to know, so leave me a comment in the section below here 🙂

For this daily outfit I wore:

Navy perforated sweater with neon orange trim – ASOS
Orange and white checked button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Riley 3D tapered jeans – G-Star
Whiskey leather loafers – ASOS