Daily Outfit: A spark in the gloom

Today was a truly miserable day here in Canberra. The misty rain never seemed to lift, casting everything in a damp, blue-grey light, and people in the office grumbled endlessly about the weather for ducks.


Now don’t get me wrong, I love the drizzly sort of weather that Canberra has this time of year. If I could be outside right now, rugged up and walking around under a clear umbrella, I would be in heaven. Lake Burly Griffin is particularly beautiful at this time of year and in this type of weather; so while everyone else is complaining about their washing or not being able to go for a run – I’m stuck at my desk wishing I was outside.


My outfit for today seemed to reflect the general mood of the day: steely blues set-against off white, with the liquid-shiny spark of electric lights viewed from passing car windows.

I was wearing:

slate blue leather Jacket – Zara Man
off-white long-sleeved Top – Country Road
‘Nebula’ print Necklace – Drown, from Alegorie Boutique
black leather Belt – JAG
straight-legged Jeans – G-Star Raw
slate blue leather Boots – G-Star Raw


Daily Outfit: Mr. Winter undone

Winter has truly struck the Nation’s Capital. Most mornings I am waking up to a car thoroughly covered in ice, fog, and the pitch black of the early morning void. I was in Jindabyne over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and it was warmer there than it has been here!

Ordinarily I am Mr. Winter. I am a Winter according to the wonderful 80’s dressing-to-colours system,

I love the cold, I prefer winter fashions, blah blah blah. This year, however, I’m just not prepared for winter. My wardrobe is still in shambles after the past six months of Blogging hiatus, I’m still carrying last-years ‘winter coat’ (read: fat), and I do not own a single sensible winter coat. It is a disaster. Luckily, I’m off to Sydney for a long-weekend in a fortnight with Mags and Meags, and we intend to spend three whole days shopping.

Today’s outfit:
charcoal pinstriped Blazer – St. James, thrifted
skull-print HIGHLY FLAMMABLE Pashmina – designer impostor McQueen from Chinatown
white long-sleeved cotton Top – Country Road
heavily studded leather Belt – random sale at a hotel in Canberra
distressed 3D taper Jeans – G-Star Raw
black leather Chelsea Boots – Country Road

I just have to cobble together enough ensembles to survive the next eight days, and then I’ll be in Sydney and I can get this ridiculous wardrobe situation sorted. I’m actually considering a fairly drastic wardrobe overhaul to the realm of near-uniform aesthetisim. I’m toying with the idea of just giving into my ravenous navy blue lust and becoming like, a goth-smurf…

We’ll see where this goes I suppose.


Daily Outfit: First Frost

This morning it was -4 degrees when I woke up, prompting me to stay rugged up in bed for as long as humanly possible. It was also Canberra’s first frost for the year of 2012. I love winter, and the cold, but there is always something about that first frost that really shocks the system.

Naturally, to combat the cold, I decided to wear a thin silk T-shirt to work :S

Today’s outfit:
grey herringbone and plaid Blazer – Eagle Clothes, thrifted
light grey ‘Narcissus’ print silk T-shirt – Alpha60
chocolate brown leather Belt – Country Road
‘Riley’ tapered Arc-cut Jeans – G-Star Raw
chocolate brown leather Shoes – Raphael Steffens from Carmen Steffens Boutique
Parfum: Anglomania – Vivienne Westwood