Daily Outfit: New Threads in Rovaniemi

Today we left Jyvaskyla and drove six and a half hours north to Rovaniemi, Lapland, where we will be staying for two nights.

I decided that this lengthy drive was the perfect opportunity to break in this gorgeous new 100% cotton sweater that I picked up at H&M yesterday for $19 Euros.I have been wanting something along the lines of this sweater since I touched down in Helsinki and started seeing example after example of hot Nordic guys in blue and white striped tops!

I’m trying to mimic my Nordic brethren today by wearing:

Blue cotton beanie – ASOS
Navy and white striped cotton knit sweater – Divided, H&M
Navy cotton tank top – ASOS
Orange and navy ribbon belt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Riley 3D tapered jeans – G-Star
Orange and blue sneakers – Puma

Rovaniemi is a really strange place so far. The countryside getting here was absolutely beautiful, but the city itself is fairly run-down and dilapidated. It is also really cold. This isn’t to say that it is without a charm of its own, but it isn’t exactly what I was expecting either. I’m looking forward to exploring the town a lot more over the next couple of days.

Daily Outfit: Farewell to Tallinn

Today I bid farewell to Tallinn, Estonia.

I started off the day with a brisk walk (getting myself completely lost before retracing my steps and finding my way home), and then a short time after I got back to our apartment it started to rain.

Tallinn is a beautiful city, but all the beauty in the world still makes walking around in the rain fairly miserable.  However, I didn’t actually notice it was raining until we got outside on our way to grab some breakfast and run some final errands, so I was a little under-dressed for the weather.

For my outfit to say farewell to Tallinn I’m wearing:

Navy cotton beanie (not pictured) – ASOS
Navy over-sized double breasted wool blazer – Oxford, thrifted
Navy marle crew-neck t-shirt – ASOS
Orange and navy stripped ribbon belt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Navy tie-dyed cotton shorts – ASOS
Orange and blue sneakers – Puma

This amazing piece of late-Medieval period stone and masonry tower on which I am posing for today’s daily outfit is one half of the Viru Gate. Located in the Eastern section of the Town Wall, and were built roughly around 1345 AD. Today the Viru Gate marks one of the entrances to Old Town and Viru Street, and is right next to the single most amazing group of Florists I have ever seen in my life.

We caught the ferry back to Helsinki this afternoon after bidding a fond, if somewhat soggy, farewell to Tallinn and Estonia. Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and we’re off North towards Lapland!

Daily Outfit: Navy wool

I realised that I have had this navy shawl-neck sweater sitting in my wardrobe, unworn, for a while now; and so I decided that today was the perfect time to drag it out and into circulation. It was overcast all day here in Canberra and I had to head into the city to meet with the guys from Braddon Tailors for a Designer Profile for Fashfest. I’m still a little under the weather, so keeping warm was absolutely essential.

I had originally planned on wearing some, you know, actually tailored clothing to the meeting. I figured it would be fitting. However, clearly comfort won out in the end. The outfit that I wore today was:

Navy wool shawl-necked sweater – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Romanesque coins brooch – thrifted
Black cotton undershirt – Puma
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Light wash Elwood jeans – G-Star, ebay
Brown leather shoes with lasercut detail – Raphael Steffens 

I was worried that the entire outfit was a little dull, which is why I added my ridiculous Roman coin brooch. I think that it gave the outfit a little lift, and so at the end of the day I was very happy with what I wore. Granted, the sweater will be a better look for me if I drop a few kilos, but I was supremely warm all day and that is what mattered today!

Daily Outfit: Raining and Pouring

I knew it would be raining and pouring today, and still feeling a little under the weather from Wednesday, I thought it would be best to layer a little and to keep myself snug and warm. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain and I’m happy to endure it to see the grass green and my garden healthy; I am, however, a terrible patient and the worst company in the world when I am sick. Trying to keep myself healthy is a top priority as a result.

For this rainy Friday outfit I am wearing:

Navy double-breated wool blazer – Oxford, thrifted from Vinnies Sale
Light blue Oxford shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Navy polyester necktie with Crest of London motif – ‘Givenchy’, thrifted
Gold-tone tie clip – gift
Orange and navy cotton web belt with leather fastenings – Trenery
Arc 3D loose tapered jeans – G-Star
Brown suede loafers with ribbon detail – Raphael Steffens

Realistically, this was a not a really sensible wet-weather outfit choice. The blazer was fine for keeping the water off me getting from the car to my building (stupidly, I left my umbrella at home); but the Oxford shirt is thin and the building was cold today. The loafers were not exactly a prize choice either, and seemed to stay wet for most of the day. All in all I was pretty cold and miserable, and kept singing the ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring’ song over and over in my head.

Daily Outfit: Monday Moody Blues

It was a rather miserable and overcast day here in Canberra, and it seems I dressed to match the weather. The moody blues of this outfit could easily have been inspired by the view out my office window of the gloomy Monday sky, the rain and the drizzle hanging over Mount Taylor. It wasn’t intentional but it certainly worked with the setting.

The only deviation in colour in today’s outfit was the red of Superman’s cape and boots on my necktie:

Gunmetal blue leather jacket – Zara
Blue and white fine striped shirt with French cuffs – T.M. Lewin, thrifted
Navy polyester necktie with Superman motif – Etsy
Gold-tone tie clip – Gift
Black leather belt – Raphael Steffens
Navy whipcord slacks – Trenery
Blue leather boots with buckle detail – G-Star

I’m quite happy with this outfit as it is more blue than any other colour, and it made me feel like I am actually getting somewhere with my wardrobe transformation. I’m looking forward to having a wardrobe entirely composed of pieces in moody blue hues, and to realising my Blue Goth ambitions.

Daily Outfit: Sikorsky Aircraft around my neck

This vintage Sikorsky Aircraft necktie was a fantastic find while thrifting, it’s really actually really intricately detailed and it always gets attention when I decide to wear it. I guess having helicopters around your neck is a great conversation starter 😛

I wanted a tie that would clash a little against the shirt for today’s outfit, so it seemed like a pretty decent choice:

Gunmetal blue leather jacket – Zara
Orange, blue and white checked button-down shirt – Trenery
Navy polyester necktie with helicopter motif – vintage Gold Clasp
Gold-tone tie clip – gift
Navy and orange cotton belt with leather fastenings – Trenery
Dark indigo wash Riley loose tapered jeans – G-Star via eBay
Orange and white striped cotton socks – Uniqlo, Tokyo
Brown leather shoes with laser cut detail – Raphael Steffens

I really liked this ensemble today. I felt good while I was wearing it, and I think all of the elements that made it up were working well together. And, as well as my little Sikorsky entourage, it was so nice for it to finally be cool enough to wear a jacket again! Jacket weather is back in Canberra! HUZZAH!

Daily Outfit: Cool blues for warmer days

Things are heating up again here in Canberra, and it looks like our two days of respite coolness will give way to a warm weekend. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to sleep under the covers again and to go so far as wearing boots to work yesterday; but it seems as though that will be shortly lived for now as we head back into the high thirties next week.

Wearing an almost entirely blue outfit seemed a fitting way to celebrate the cool that was:

Blue silk necktie with skull and bones motif – Express Design Studio
Blue and white thin-striped shirt with French Cuffs – T.M. Lewin, thrifted
Alligator tie bar and cufflinks – vintage, from etsy
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
3D tapered moto jeans – G-Star
Grey and purple leopard pattern socks – ASOS
Brown leather pointed shoes – Raphael Steffens

The weekend is shaping up to be jam-packed full of activities as well as heat for me, as I have a dear friend down from Sydney and we’ll be trying out several new Canberran restaurants, and ticking off some touristy stuff that she never got a chance to do while she lived here. I’m looking forward to seeing her, and even to getting out of the house; though I do worry what sort of weather we’re going to be faced with 🙁