Wardrobe Stories

What’s in my bag? Why do you care?

What's in my bag 20160331_a

The first time I watched a “What’s in my bag” video on YouTube I got a distinctly dirty feeling, like I had just stumbled upon a friend’s porn stash. There’s an element of titillation, and an element of disgust. Sure, you want to see what your friend is into (the teasing possibilities are truly endless); but you’re also sort of revolted more than you can explain. And that is how I felt when I shakily directed my cursor to the play button before watching my first video. You know that you shouldn’t… and yet you know that you’re absolutely going to any way!

To this day, I have probably watched over 200 “What’s in my bag” videos. (more…)

Something Old, Something New

something old 20160321_a

First Day of new job outfit, I’m Wearing: navy single-button blazer – ASOS | blue cotton plaid button-down Isherwood shirt – Acne Studios, ebay | grey cotten pocket square – Mizu | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | navy cotton trousers – M.J. Bale | navy cotton socks with white polka dots – Happy Socks | whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery |


I started a new job in a different area today, and naturally I wanted to make a good impression with my new team. I’m sometimes at a loss for how to dress for certain occasions, but when it comes to the first day in a new job, I always repeat to myself “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. Yes, this is more widely known as a piece of superstition handed down for women on their wedding day, but in my humble opinion the “Something Old…” rhyme has a very important place in steering you towards success in dressing for your first day! (more…)

Dressing the part: a work story

Dressing 20160307_a

NOTE: I did actually wear this to work, but it never made it to the Blog, so using this as a stand-in for today’s story time.


The other day my colleague and friend Chris mentioned that someone in the office had asked him “Has Grant been cautioned about how he dresses?” Naturally I was a bit stunned by this, because while I am never the picture of perfect corporate attire I am never grubby or what I would consider poorly dressed.

It turns out that the person in question had noticed that I have started dressing more corporately aligned, and wondered if this was because I had been told to? My friend thought that this was rather hilarious, and made the comment that I had probably just run out of clean clothes (thanks Chris, really).

What this has shown me (ridiculously, after seven years in the Public Service) is that as dry as the accepting and encouraging of diversity as it is; people are still paying attention to what I wear on a daily basis. It really is a strange realisation to have, because 90% of the time I am fairly confident in saying that I am dressing whole heartedly for myself. This however in turn begs the question: should I be? (more…)

Shitty Silver Lining: A Story

shitty silver lining 20160208_a

Wearing: goldtone aviators with blue mirrored lenses – ebay | navy cardigan blazer – Travel jacket, thrifted | blue and white checked shirt – Reserve | Black leather belt – Rapahel Steffens | burnt orange cotton chinos – FCUK | camouflage denim loafers – Richard Smith, Shibuya


This is a story about a shitty silver lining. You see, despite the fact that I am something of a realist and always mistaken for a pessimist; I do legitimately believe that there is usually a silver lining to most situations in life. Recently while my best friend Mags was visiting from Sydney we uncovered the shitty silver lining to my recent move, which is that I have to down-size my wardrobe. (more…)

Daily Outfit: National Op Shop Week – Day 5


Thinking about what stories I could share with you for National Op Shop Week, I came to realise that I have been shopping at op shops for a very long time, and that by now a fair portion of my wardrobe comes from an op shop. I became an op shop patron while I was in high school, as it was during the mid 90’s and Grunge culture had really set in. (more…)

Wardrobe Stories: Braddon Tailors


I have been lusting after a custom order from Braddon Tailors since I first met Pip Morgan, the founder of the label, back in March of 2014. Everything about that initial meeting cemented in my head that Braddon Tailors was something new on the Canberra menswear scene, and destined for great things.

This year I took the plunge and purchased my first piece from Braddon Tailors, just in time for Fashfest 2015. (more…)

Wardrobe Stories: MaterialByproduct Silk Scarf


I received a text message yesterday from Susan Kelly of Department of the Exterior, informing me that my silk scarf from MaterialByproduct had arrived in store and was ready to be collected.

Unfortunately I did not get a proper chance to thank Susan for all her help, as I parked incredibly illegally to run in and collect the beautiful silk piece, dashing out of the boutique with the scarf wrapped in delicate white tissue and promising all sorts of artisnal fun to be had. I knew from the moment that I saw the amazing woven ribbon print that designer Susan Dimasi produced for MaterialByproduct’s contribution to Melbourne Now; that I wanted to own something from the collection. Now I do.