Millennial Watches: The Royal Treatment

Blogger Grant Heino wears Millennial Watches latest model The Royal - Canberra, Australia

The Royal is the latest model from Millennial Watches – a sleek and elegant offering in navy and rose gold, available now.


In late 2016 I shared a story about Millennial Watches, an exciting venture by local Canberra talent Riley Tanton.

Since I last told you about Millennial Watches, Riley has not only met the first stretch goal of his Kickstarter campaign and had to order more watches; but he also placed as a finalist in the category of fashion in the Australian Champion Small Business Awards, the Oscars of small business in Australia. (more…)

Skinny Jeans and Being 30



Earlier this year, I found a pair of Skinny Jeans on ASOS.

They were gorgeous. Perfect shade of blue, very light distressing, ideal length and a little bit of moto-detailing that gave them an edge. I didn’t own anything like them, but ever since I saw the first image of Kanye West wearing the Balmain biker jeans I have always wanted something like them (only without the $10 K price tag).

And so when I saw these jeans on ASOS, for only $60 and in a size 38 (which to be honest is borderline my size these days – I’m more likely a 40 after trying to eat myself into an early grave over the past 10 months); I didn’t even think about the fact that they were listed as Skinny Jeans and I clicked my mouse a couple of times until the sale had processed. It wasn’t until hours later, when the skinny little bastards were already on their way to me by courier (which is, quite frankly, a terrible feature of shopping with ASOS now) that I realised what I had actually just done.

I had at thirty-years of age, just purchased a pair of skinny jeans. (more…)

Countdown to Fashfest 2016 – 50 Days to Go

Countdown to Fashfest 20160810_a

My personal countdown to Fashfest 2016 begins today. No more take away food. No more sweatpants instead of actual pants. No more putting off writing interview questions. It’s game time!

With only 50 days until the opening night of Fashfest 2016, I am of course sitting here in a ratty pair of sweats and a Henley I sleep in, my hair up in a sad little man-bun and approximately zero clues to give you any indication that I consider myself a fashion blogger. I’m pretty gross, to be perfectly honest, and it is glorious in its own way. I may or may not have enough Chinese food to feed a large family on its way to my house now. How would you know?

However, today the countdown to the big event is officially in effect, and as such it is time to pack this slovenly creature that I have become since the last Fashfest away; and to start seriously preparing for the upcoming events.

But what exactly do I need to do to prepare for Fashfest 2016? Why do I even need a countdown? (more…)

Music magic: What you need to know for Fashfest 2016

Music 20160801_a

We’re heading into Fashfest’s fourth year here in Canberra, and something that I can honestly say is that with each passing year the event gets better and better. The show gets more elaborate, the designers collections more exquisite, and the logistical side of things takes on a whole new level of preparedness.

It shouldn’t be surprising at all then that 2016 will see Fashfest smashing its own records in the musical stakes with new songs, new artists, and many musical firsts for the 2016 music line-up.

Since its inception in 2013 Fashfest has always been more than a catwalk show. It’s a total fashion experience showcasing the best Canberra has to offer in the full range of creative industries, including music, film, photography, hair, makeup and more. 2016 promises to be no exception, with FASHFEST rolling out two shows a night over six nights (29 September to 1 October). Each show will be a distinct experience, with its own designers, musicians and look and feel. (more…)

Blogging and Wardrobe Blues

Blogging Blues 20160601_a

This outfit is actually from a few weeks back, but I’m posting it today because as far as Blogging goes, I want to share more of this with you. I’m wearing: navy blue stretch-wool blazer – Travel Jacket, thrifted | white cotton v-neck t-shirt – Cotton On | midnight blue kimono-silk scarf – Mizu Brand | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | distressed denim straight-leg jeans – WeThePeople | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


If you’re a regular reader of this Blog then you’ve no doubt noticed that my Blogging content and interaction has been a little light on the ground of late, and I figured that rather than sitting here struggling by myself, I might as well tap out a quick post with you and share some current thoughts.

I’m a little underwhelmed and over-worked at the moment, and the fast-paced working environment that I am in at the moment coupled with the bits and pieces of my life falling back into place after my break-up, travelling and generally learning to be an I rather than a we all-over-again; well, it’s left me a little uninspired and directionless. (more…)

Breakup – 5 Steps to Coping

Breakup 20160322_a

As you will know by now, I have recently been through a breakup with my partner, and while the split has been amicable to a point of ridiculousness, it still hurts. I find that as a result of the breakup I am getting asked “How are you coping?” a lot at the moment, and while I really appreciate people taking the time to ask how I am doing, the truth of the matter is I just don’t know. It is weird to be single again. It is weird that I don’t live with the boyfriend any more. It’s weird to say breakup like thirteen-year-olds back in high school. Weirdness abounds!

But I have been stuck on the idea of coping, because if I am perfectly honest I’m the least capable person I know, and so I have compiled a list of the 5 steps to coping with a breakup that I have been using, for your entertainment if nothing else.

DISCLAIMER: While I am old, I am by no means wise, and these break up survival ‘tips’ need to be taken with a potentially lethal dose of salt because I am not exactly the picture of ‘dealing’ right now. (more…)