Vinnies Gungahlin Store Opening

Vinnies 20160430_a


This morning I was lucky enough to attend a Bloggers preview of the brand new Vinnies Gungahlin before the store opened to the public for the very first time at 9:00 AM

The new store is on Hibberson Street, part of a new commercial development space to the town center, and boasts a brand new store fit out and an insane amount of undercover parking. I’ve spoken on here many times about my love of op shopping and adding bits and pieces to my wardrobe that come from a variety of second hand places, (more…)

Thrift Shopping: The Truth About Op-Shopping

Thrift 20160405

I love thrift shopping, most of the items pictured here I bought second-hand. However, I think that we need to demystify thrift shopping and talk about it truthfully. It isn’t all vintage silk scarves and affordable designer labels. Sometimes it’s weird stains. Other’s it’s just bad taste!


This past weekend, for the first time in a long time, I found myself thrift shopping.

I have grown up with a love of buying from thrift or op shops, originally as necessity and now as a passion for the thrill of the hunt. I love the act of rifling through piles of clothes that nobody loves any more on the off-chance that I might just find that one remarkable piece the really ties together an outfit, or supplements my existing collect of slightly-different navy blazers, or is a style that I am curious about but not enough to invest in something expensive that may ultimately look like shit on me. There are so many possibilities when you thrift, it really is anyone’s game.

That said, I think that there is a common misconception that op shops are this amazing treasure-trove of amazing vintage pieces, pre-loved designer good, and that you will walk in and instantly find what you are looking for that day. The vintage clothing trend and Etsy really have a lot to bloody answer for in that regard! So, high off my thrift triumphs over the weekend, let me share some simple truths about the world of op shopping. (more…)

Daily Outfit: National Op Shop Week – Day 5


Thinking about what stories I could share with you for National Op Shop Week, I came to realise that I have been shopping at op shops for a very long time, and that by now a fair portion of my wardrobe comes from an op shop. I became an op shop patron while I was in high school, as it was during the mid 90’s and Grunge culture had really set in. (more…)

Daily Outfit: National Op Shop Week – Day 3


As I think I have discussed here with you many times before, the key to integrating op shop or thrifted pieces into your wardrobe is to stick with what you know and what suits you. Even if it is National Op Shop Week, the fact is that if your wardrobe is full of smart-casual pieces and you start introducing really loud 80’s shirts; it’s going to look strange. (more…)

Daily Outfit: National Op Shop Week – Day 2


It is day two of National Op Shop Week, and today I am wearing a really interesting piece that I thrifted late last year from the Lyneham Uniting Church fete. I was really unsure of this piece to begin with because it feels like it is made out of a really heavy synthetic fabric, and it has a very thick ridged pattern. The jacket was unwashed, and it even felt a little… grimy to the touch. (more…)

Daily Outfit: The Old Man and the Tweed

I have been tweed curious for a long time now, and the idea of finding a tweed jacket or Blazer that doesn’t have me looking like an escapee from a retirement home has become something of a passion.

With this in mind, when my mother told me she would be going on a thrifting excursion in a large country town, I asked her to look for a tweed jacket for me in a shade of blue.

And today, I’m wearing what she managed to hunt down for me in the following outfit:

Gunmetal blue tweed Blazer – Robert Bruce, thrfited by my mother
Blue Oxford cloth button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Navy silk necktie with gridiron player motif – Lands’ End, etsy
Gold-tone short tie clip – gift
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Taupe whipcord chinos – Trenery
Brown leather shoes with laser-etched detail – Raphael Steffens

The jacket is, in truth, more grey than blue, but there is an underlying coolness to the tweed that feels more blue than grey. It is 100% wool too, and quite light to wear, though I will be replacing the buttons on this piece shortly because the previous owner re-sewed them on at really weird angles. I also don’t really like them, so I’ll replace them with something else instead.

But, ultimately, I really like this piece, and it will do nicely until I save up enough to have a tweed blazer tailored for me here in Canberra.