The Cabana Collection – a review

the Cabana Collection20160211_a

The Cabana Collection was a limited edition pack for Christmas 2015 from Mecca Cosmetica, combining their two sunscreens: To Save Face SPF 30 100ml ($38), and To Save Body SPF 50 200ml ($38). The Cabana Collection retailed for $69 which represented a nice saving, and justified my decision to buy this for myself as a Christmas present.

Despite the fact that I am literally terrified of the sun and/or getting skin cancer, and that I am more and more covered in tattoos that I have spent a lot of money on and dread getting sun-damaged; I am really bad at being proactive about protecting my skin. I try to avoid the sun, but I am really bad at wearing sunscreen because it is just so gross. I hate the feeling of sunscreen on my skin more than I hate the feeling of being sunburned, crazily enough, and so often I find myself risking it and trying to hop from shady patch to shady patch like a demented kangaroo. (more…)

Daily Outfit: Polo Week Day 2

This royal blue polo shirt that I’m wearing today has always reminded me of the colour of Superman’s suit, and so it seemed like an appropriate choice to pair it with my Superman graffiti print Chuck Taylors for today’s outfit.

Again, this isn’t a particularly corporate outfit at all – and I think that Converse shoes are a bit trite in the office, but I rarely wear these shoes because I love the print so much and don’t want to ruin it, so it is nice to bring them out every once in a while.

I will admit that I felt supremely underdressed in today’s outfit:

Royal blue polo shirt – Trenery
Black leather belt – repurposed from wedding outfit
Moto 3D Jeans – G-Star
White Chucks with Superman graffiti print – Converse

I am not a big fan of the Chuck Taylor as a shoe at all. I find them really uncomfortable if I am perfectly honest, and I feel that they really accentuate my huge clown feet, which is not really something that I actively look for in a shoe. I love Superman as a character, however, and when I saw the awesome print on these babies I knew that I had to own them.

Daily Outfit: Polo Week Day 1

I’ll be wearing a polo shirt to work every day this week, because I got tattooed while in Melbourne over the weekend, and I’d really rather not have to wash lanolin out of my nice work shirts if I can avoid it. It doesn’t exactly stain, but I do find it takes more than one wash to come out, so I’d rather just wear short sleeves for a week than waste water and time re-washing shirts.

My best friend Mags and I drove down to Melbourne on Friday of last week, and we each had tattoo appointments on Saturday morning. I got a companion piece for my ‘Lobster Darling’ tattoo, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. It’s absolutely worth the faux-pas of having to wear polo shirts for the week.

For today’s polo-centric outfit I decided to go fairly casual:

Grey cotton polo shirt – Trenery
Navy and orange cotton belt with leather fastenings – Trenery
Blades jeans – G-Star via eBay
Navy socks with argyle pattern – Uniqlo, Tokyo
Brown leather shoes with cross-hatch pattern – Raphael Steffens

I own several polo shirts from Trenery, and I have to say, I find them preferable to any other brand, including Polo Ralph Lauren. The Trenery shirts are really solid and a little stiff; but they’re incredibly comfortable to wear. The don’t tend to droop or look worn, where as I have found Polo Ralph Lauren shirts to sag and shrink upwards after a few washes.

Finally, if you scroll right to the bottom of this post you can see my latest tattoo, courtesy of Clint Baxter at Taboo Tattoo in Blackburn, Melbourne. ‘Peking Baby’ has no deeper meaning than that I love to eat Peking Duck, and I love how it has turned out.