Spring Updates

Spring Wardrobe Updates – Seersucker Jacket


When I think of the Spring / Summer season, one of the first things that I think of is the heat. I just don’t cope well with it at all, and I spend the months of Summer dreaming of Autumn and Winter. A way that I have learned to mitigate some of the heat however, is to invest in pieces made out of Seersucker. (more…)

Spring Wardrobe Updates – White Jeans


It truly was a glorious Spring morning here in Canberra, made all the more delightful by the abundance of blossoms in the air, and a wisp of new hope in the air. What better morning than to break-out a Spring Wardrobe Update staple that I myself have yet to try? White Jeans. There’s just something about them that is both horrifying and intriguing. Visions spring to mind of the multitude of ways in which their pristine colouring could easily be destroyed: spilled tea, dripped tomato sauce, smeared ink, dirt kicked up from your boots… However, while all of these are very real and very likely threats, as someone who has literally owned white jeans for five days, I’d encourage you to give them a try as a Spring Wardrobe Update. They’re surprising versatile, especially for spring, and have equal opportunity to be dressed up or down. I think that these will look just as great dressed down, maybe a Spring weekend look of an undersized blazer, and oversized rock t-shirt, white jeans and leather slides?

Today, however, I went with up, in a very Italian Spring sort of inspired look; I am wearing:
gold-tone aviator sunglasses with mirrored blue lenses – ebay
navy wool double-breasted blazer – Eduard Dressler for Adrian Baumann, thrifted
navy and white polka-dot silk pocket square – Gergory Ladner Australia, thrifted
blue and white floral cotton shirt – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
brown leather belt – Sportscraft
white ‘skinny’ cotton jeans – New Look, ASOS
tobacco suede Chelsea boots – The Ball & Chain


Spring Wardrobe Updates – Cotton Sweater


With Spring in full-swing here in Canberra, it is a fantastic time to be thinking about the simple changes we make to our wardrobes to reflect the change of the seasons and all that comes with it. Each day this week I’ll be sharing one of my own wardrobe updates with you, and discussing ways you can work these quick fixes into your own wardrobes! I thought that I’d kick things off with a simple fix to deal with the Spring temperatures. (more…)