Slick It Up

Travel Wardrobe Day 8 – Torii


Today I visited the Hakone Shrine on the shore of Lake Ashi, which is a well known Shinto Shrine with huge orange Torii gates nestled in a forest of insanely tall ceders. I visited with a purpose in mind, which was to shoot my daily outfit shots featuring this set of elastic harnesses from the amazing Slick It Up. From the moment that I saw this set it reminded me of the Shinto Torii Gates, and the orange and black colours used in shinto temples and shrines. Since then I have always wanted to shoot the set at a shrine, and today I finally had the opportunity. (more…)

Travel Wardrobe Day 7 – Cover-up


One thing that I am really conscious of when it comes to traveling is observing the rules and customs of my host nation. There are some countries, for example, that I simply wouldn’t go to because of their stance on homosexuality. Mostly however, I am supremely conscious of the fact that just because tattoos have become mainstream in Australia, doesn’t mean other countries feel the same way, and as such, I cover-up. (more…)

Daily Outift: Seersucker and Denim

Seersucker blazer for a casual Friday look.

Seersucker blazer for a casual Friday look.

With the lovely Spring weather in full swing here in Canberra, I’m moving into using my lighter blazers more and more.

This gorgeous seersucker blazer replaced a women’s blazer that I picked up at a church fete and fell in love with. It was realistically the seersucker fabric that I loved, but I clung to that blazer for some time before I finally retired it at Mags’ insistence. This model at least fits my body shape better, and it is the perfect weight for this time of year. (more…)

Daily Outfit: Fairbairn

20140927_aThis afternoon I headed out to Fairbairn to the Hustle & Scout markets, to check out the stalls from local designers and purveyors of Delicious foods.

I was also there to act as a Style Scout for the crowd, and I spent the majority of the afternoon stalking around looking for well dressed guys and gals to snap a picture of for the Hustle & Scout Facebook page. I’ll have a blog post featuring my favourite menswear looks up at some stage tomorrow, and all of my Style Scouting images should be available on the Facebook page by tomorrow afternoon.