Style Stalking Japan – Japan Week Day Three

Style Stalking 20160120_a

Lost in Translation vibes on a rainy day in Kyoto – loved this guy’s sense of style (and that Louis Vuitton Keepall too 😛 )


When I left for Japan this time around, I promised myself and my readers that I would make a bigger effort on this trip to capture the style that I encountered on the streets of Japan, the style that the country is known and celebrated for.

And I did.

Sorting through the (literal) thousand-plus photos that I returned home with, I unearthed over a hundred that I have come to class as style-stalking.

Why style stalking, you ask nervously, looking for an immediate exit.

The truth of the matter is that my Japanese is beyond poor, and limited greatly by my lack of confidence in my own ability to speak Japanese. As such, I am still not at a place where I am comfortable approaching people and asking if I can take their photo, like I do in Canberra.

So, I creepily captured photos of the amazing style that I saw, like a perverted salary man on the train; with my mobile phone, or while pretending to be photographing the scenery.

The shame…

I am determined to turn my Style Stalking into Style Scouting by May this year, and I am working on my Japanese daily. In the interim, however, please enjoy these photos which represent the best of a badly-sourced lot. (more…)

30 Before 30: Stop Getting Drunk

As I’m sure that you’re aware now, I’m turning 30 in under 30 weeks. As such, I have compiled a list of 30 things that I am supposed to have done or to have stopped doing BEFORE I turn 30.

Each week until I actually turn 30 I will be discussing/ranting about one of the items on the list, and deciding whether I agree with it or not.

This is week six of the countdown, and the topic is Number 6: You should have stopped drinking yourself into a stupor!

I decided to change things up a little this week, and my opinion on this 30 before 30 topic is backed by my own shameful anecdotal evidence.

ENJOY! And thanks for watching 😛

Daily Outfit: Now you’re just some Jeans that I used to know

I’m in a bit of a quandary with these jeans. They have been, for easily the past 18 months, my very favourite pair of jeans. Until recently, I’ve loved the way that they look, and I’ve always felt like they did great things for my figure and were pretty damn stylish.

However, I was wearing them on the night of my 28th birthday, and while intoxicated to the point of becoming paralytic, I threw up all over myself and my jeans.

Charming behaviour for a 28 year old, I know. Here’s a hot tip – when you’re a tee-totaller who only drinks beer; don’t suddenly decide to drink home-made cocktails on a near-empty stomach!

Anyway, the point of sharing this embarrassing little anecdote is that since I defiled my jeans so spectacularly, and regardless of the fact that there are no visible stains or marks; the jeans seem to have lost the magic that I once attributed to them. They seem duller, less fitted, daggy and tired.

Trying to force the magic back, I added them to today’s ensemble:

Navy silk necktie with orange and silver stripes – vintage Brooks Brothers, etsy
Orange and white gingham Shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Gold-tone tie bar – gift
Black leather belt – re-purposed from wedding ensemble
Riley 3D loose tapered jeans – G-Star
Navy and white striped socks – River Island, ASOS
Brown suede loafers – Raphael Steffens

I remain unconvinced. I think the magic is truly dead.

How about you, have you lost the magic with a garment, even though it isn’t physically ruined?

Daily Outfit: Middle-aged McDonald

Let’s not pussy-foot around the issue here people, today’s outfit was a mistake. I had intended this week to be an All-Star week of my little book of planned daily outfits, as I have been rigorously planning what I wear weeks in advance in a new book for ten-whole weeks as of Sunday. However, yesterday evening passed me by in a haze of honey chicken, True Blood and FanFiction, and I awoke this morning in a rush, and all my careful planning went out the window.

What I managed to throw together was:

Navy and white gingham blazer – Larsen’s Store for Men, Etsy
Blue Oxford-cloth button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Navy silk necktie with pheasant motif – thrifted
Gold-tone tie bar – gifted
Navy and orange surchingle and leather belt – Trenery
Navy jeans/slacks – Versace Jeans Couture, Material Pleasures
Brown suede loafers – Raphael Steffens

I look like I should be leading heifers around at the Condoblin Show! It’s ridiculous. Or, given the tie, maybe I’m like, a poultry breeder, who breeds pheasants and is like, SUPER INTENSE about them, and I have a roosting pair that sleep on my headboard called Penelope and Poirot…

Bottom line people – if you have a system, stick to it, or you wind up looking Agrarian.