Oxford Shirt: A classic you should own

Oxford Shirt 20160303_a

Wearing: navy silk necktie with lobsters – L.L.Bean, ebay | pale blue cotton Oxford Shirt – Marcs | black leather belt – Raphael Steffens | navy slim chinos – ASOS | denim camouflage loafers – Shibuya Tokyo |


Oxford Shirts are a preppy staple which anyone aspiring to look preppy, gentile or just well dressed should be familiar with. The name Oxford refers to Oxford University, and along with Yale, Cambridge and Harvard, it is a hardy fabric weave for shirts originally produced in the 19th century by Scottish fabric mills. The others​—Yale, Cambridge and Harvard—have long since ceased to be produced.

The oxford shirt is easily recognizable by the oxford weave, a basket-weave pattern that combines two yarns woven lengthwise against a heavier yarn crosswise. Oxford shirts frequently, but not always, have button-down collars. (more…)

Daily Outfit: Monday Lobsters

It is always good to kick the week off wearing something that you love.

Today I had the two-fold joy of wearing one of my coveted lobster neckties in a daily outfit that I’m actually really thrilled with. It wasn’t even something that I consciously planned, outside of that I would wear these clothes together today, it just happened to be a look that I feel really worked well together and looks pretty great on me.

Getting to wear one of my lobster neckties was an added bonus.

My Monday morning outfit that I am wearing today is:

Navy wool tailored blazer – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Blue and white striped cotton button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Navy poly/silk blend necktie with red crawfish motif – labeless, ebay
Gold-tone tie clip – gift
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Taupe whipcord chinos – Trenery
Brown leather shoes with buckle detail – Raphael Steffens

I really love taupe and navy together, which I imagine has a lot to do with the fact that I never attended a private Catholic school here in Australia, for whom these colours tend to be the standard for uniforms. That actually explains my love of blazers and neckties as well, actually, as I never had to wear either of those for school either.

Daily Outfit: Dressed But Not Impressive

I am counting my lucky stars that I wore this outfit today, as I had a surprise meeting concerning a job that I had applied for, and it could have been significantly uncomfortable had I been wearing some of my less-corporate clothing.

As it stands, I was dressed rather flamboyantly in my matching seersucker pieces, which happened to be a fantastic ice-breaker for the conversation, even if it was ultimately fruitless. I’m wearing:

Blue and white cotton seersucker Blazer – Meeting Street, etsy
Tailored navy cotton button-down shirt – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Blue and white silk-blend seersucker necktie – Brooks Brothers 346, ebay
Gold-tone tie clip – gift
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Burnt orange chinos – FCUK
Brown leather shoes with buckle detail – Raphael Steffens

I’m actually quite practiced in being rejected for jobs now, but it was still comforting to be looking my Peacocking best while being turned down. It’s funny, because if I had known that I would have to meet with a potential employer today, I am sure that I would have worn something much more subdued and corporate, and frankly, less me.

And I cannot imagine I would be feeling quite so OK with the rejection if I was otherwise attired.

Daily Outfit: Professor Salmon

It was probably a little ambitious, in hindsight, to try and ease myself into wearing the very collegiate/preppy material, tweed; while simmultaneously trying to get my money’s worth from a shirt I hate.

All I got all day were Professor Salmon vibes.

For today’s failed ‘Young Professor’ look I am wearing:

Gunmetal blue wool tweed blazer – Robert Bruce, thrifted by my mother
Aggressively salmon button-down shirt – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Navy silk necktie with shield motif – Polo Ralph Lauren, etsy
Gold-tone tie clip – gift
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Navy whipcord chinos – Trenery
Brown leather shoes with etching detail – Raphael Steffens

Lets be honest, the look does not really work. It’s too Young Man/Old Man. I look like I am trying to be taken seriously while also like I’m trying to show that I am still young and hip and with it. All-round, this is a pretty miserable outfit, and I’m man enough that I really just didn’t manage to pull it off.

I’ve worn the tweed successfully before, but I do feel like it is far from the most flattering cut. That’s OK though, as this is just a training piece until I get one made by Braddon Tailors. The shirt, however, is just a disaster, and I think that it is time to cull it from my wardrobe for good.

Daily Outfit: Tuesday Prep

Today I went for a slightly more preppy look than I ordinarily would, and I really think that it paid off in spades. 

I loved the look of this daily outfit, and I had several compliments as the day wore on. It’s not overly fancy or really all that out-there, but I think that the conbination of colours really pulled together to make this outfit a winner.

For this preppy and colour-coordinated daily outfit I’m wearing:

Navy tailored wool blazer – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Blue and white striped button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Orange and navy striped silk necktie – Robert Talbot, etsy
Gold-tone tie clip – gift
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Burnt orange chinos – FCUK
Blue leather boots with buckle detail – G-Star

I have had this blazer for a little while now, and it doesn’t get a great deal of wear because despite having had the jacket tailored to fit my body, I’m still not happy with the cut. The blazer is boxy like an off-the-rack piece, and while I like the colours and the details of this piece (like the orange stitching on the sleeve button); it is single vented and looks too big on me. However, when paired with what I am wearing today, I truthfully didn’t even notice.

Daily Outfit: Lobster obsession

I am a little lobster obsessed. You may have picked up on it by now, but if not, let me share with you my sordid tale of crustacean-fixation.

I’m not really sure where my love of Lobster springs from, given that I didn’t actually try lobster until I was in my 20s. To be perfectly frank, I think before I actually fell in love with the taste of lobster, I was in love with the idea of lobster. Growing up, it was always something associated with the trappings of wealth. In the American TV and movies I devoured as a child and teen in rural Australia, anyone who was ridiculously wealthy seemed to have a steady supply of lobster on hand. So, in my young mind, lobster became associated with other status symbols, like caviar, Cuban Cigars, Rolex watches and Ferrari’s.

I’m showing my tendency to lust after trappings of wealth in today’s outfit by way of my necktie:

Blue and white striped shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Navy silk/polyester necktie with red lobster motif – vintage L.L. Bean
Gold-tone tie bar – gift
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Motor 3D tapered embroidered jeans – G-Star
Navy and grey striped socks – Trenery
Brown leather laser-cut shoes – Raphael Steffens

I collect clothing and accessories which reference or blatantly depict lobster now. I have, at present, three ties, three pairs of pants (two of which are women’s and do no fit me), a cardigan (again, women’s), a huge smock dress, and several of those sew-on patches. I also quite obviously have a lobster tattooed on my right forearm. I won’t lie, this is just the beginning, I can see myself dying surrounded by lobster-emblazoned merchandise. However, for now it is relatively harmless, and I am enjoying collecting them.

If you happen to chance upon something in the way of clothing or accessories, which has a lobster or lobsters on it, please give me a yell 🙂


Daily Outfit: Corporate shorts?

The particular Department that I work for attracts a lot of people who are really into the great outdoors. Camping, kayaking, bush-walking and the likes are all popular extracurricular activities and discussed in tea-rooms and kitchenettes throughout our buildings.

What this means, however, is that a lot of people’s love for all things outdoors is reflected in how they dress for work.

There is a lot of Kathmandu polar fleece. A lot. Those weird Teeva sandals feature pretty frequently, as do Thinsulate and Gortex fabrics. However, I think that the most telling invasion of the Corporate work wear, is the presence of shorts.

It is not something I ever thought that I would condone myself, and I think that a large part of that is because most of the shorts you see are of the Gazman, high-waisted dad-short variety. It isn’t a great look, that’s for sure, and I find that generally speaking it really ages a person.

Regardless, I decided to try it out last Friday, using items from my own wardrobe. I wasn’t as horrified as I thought I was going to be. In fact, I find myself thinking that shorts as Corporate wear isn’t as taboo as awful as I previously believed.

I decided to give it another whirl today, with a slightly Preppy outfit:

Navy silk necktie with embroidered Gridiron players – vintage Lands’ End, etsy
Navy tailored cotton Shirt – Euromerican Tailors
Gold-tone tie bar – gift
Black leather belt – re-purposed from wedding ensemble
Patchwork Madras shorts – Polo Ralph Lauren
Black canvas espadrilles – ASOS

What do you think? Does it work? Do I look ridiculous? Too ‘Daggy Dad’? I have this vision that I’d love to actualise of a Seersucker suit but with shorts instead of slacks, and your feedback will advise me in this regard 🙂