Announcement: Who Is Exhibition this Friday


This Friday will see a one of a kind celebration of synthesis between fashion and furniture for the launch of WHO IS, an exhibition to be presented by Designcraft in its Hume showroom, 21 to 28 March.

WHO IS will feature residential furniture never before seen in Canberra by international furniture company Walter Knoll, celebrating its 150th year in business in 2015, and also pieces from Propaganda, Corr Blimey’s new collection which will feature at Fashfest later this year.


Daily Outfit: Spots and Stripes

20150220_aSpots and stripes are one of those fashion rules that I’m never really certain if I am supposed to follow or not, like blue and green or pattern-on-pattern. There are so many little fashion rules that we’re told to follow by various sources, that it really does get to a point where you ask yourself why you listen to any of the multitude of voices telling you to do one thing or another. For me, I’m usually pretty good with following arbitrary fashion rules, but sometimes I get confused and forget what rule I am actually following at any given time.

Today I decided to throw caution to the wind, and went ahead an mixed some spots and stripes, just to see if it was a look that I could pull off, and if anyone would call me out on my potential fashion faux-pas.


Canberra: VIP at Lucky’s Local Fashion Trail

My look for the night. Photo by Closet Voyage.

On Thursday evening last week I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Lucky’s Local Fashion Trail event at Lucky’s Speakeasy in the new QT Canberra Hotel.

The evening was full of delicious cocktails from the Lucky’s menu, bite-sized snacks, and of course the very best on offer from some of Canberra’s most interesting boutiques. 

Looks from Braddon Tailors and Soho Designs. Photo by Closet Voyage

I was, of course, a little biased towards Braddon Tailors, who were showing their impeccably tailored menswear in a range of cuts and styles. Models Aidan and Billy looked incredibly sharp throughout the night, showing just what the Braddon Tailors can do for you with their contemporary cuts and seemingly endless catalogue of luxury fabrics. The denim suit and shirt combination above is a particular favourite of mine, and something that showcases perfectly the sense of style and humor that we have come to expect from Canberra’s most exciting menswear destination. 

Looks from Soho Designs and Braddon Tailors. Photo by Closet Voyage.

I have to say, I was equally impressed by the women’s wear on offer. Designer Op Shop had a great selection of their pre-loved wears, Soho Designs showed a great collection of their spring looks, and Wildwood Boutique showed pieces from Canbberra based label Hunter’s latest collection Bad Lands.

The styling of the event was well put-together, and the whole evening came together really well and most importantly in a way that worked for the many different looks that were on display.

Looks by Braddon Tailors, Designer Op Shop and Hunter. Photo by Closet Voyage.

I’d like to extend a personal thank you to the QT team on hand at the Fashion Trail event for making it such a fantastic evening. I really enjoyed chatting with local media and Bloggers in the VIP area, and I thought that the night was a great success. The QT team took care of every little detail, ensuring a truly decadent and fantastic time was had by all.

Really looking forward to what the Summer Fashion Trail event will have to offer, and organising a designated driver next time so I can enjoy more than one of the delicious cocktails on hand 😉

Last but not least, a huge thank you to the lovely Jiawa from Closet Voyage, who kindly donated the beautiful images in this post.

Yours truly with Pip Morgan, head of Braddon Tailors. Photo by Closet Voyage.

StageLabel Model Casting at Lucky’s:

This afternoon Jiawa from Closet Voyage and I took a late-lunch and headed over to Lucky’s Speakeasy, not for a liquid lunch, but to check out the Model Casting for Melbourne-based crowd-funded fashion house StageLabel.

I first learned of StageLabel when they showed on opening night of Fashfest 2014 earlier this year. StageLabel describe themselves as the platform where our community gets to pick which designers to support and which designs and concepts to develop. It is a fantastic opportunity and nurturing avenue for new and emerging designers to test individual designs from their collection, develop a customer base and fund the start or growth of their label.

And it seems that the creative force behind StageLabel have a taste for Canberra after the success of Fashfest 2014. Several of the designers that showed at this years Fashfest events have signed up with StageLabel. Furthermore, StageLabel have had a presence at the most recent Hustle & Scout markets, and are indeed planning an event here in Canberra, hence the model casting.

While I was there for to observe the casting, I have to say that for me the real star of the show was Lucky’s, the venue. Tucked away across the foyer of QT, the newly opened Hotel on London Circuit; Lucky’s Speakeasy is a bar that could easily have been doomed to a gimmicky short-lived life. 

Fortunately, everything about Lucky’s, and indeed about QT, is impeccably executed and delightful to behold. 

From the rich and seductive ambiance of the decor to the well appointed bar that has even the most adroit teetotaler whetting their lips and signalling the barman. And moving through Lucky’s towards the foyer, there is an honest-to-god Barber’s offering men’s cuts and shaves. I’m not looking to replace my beloved hairdresser, but I am VERY curious about a straight-razor shave!

QT and Lucky’s are a great additions to the Canberra hotel and bar scene, just as StageLabel is to the fashion market here in our Nation’s capital. I’m really looking forward to what StageLabel will have to show us next, and I cannot wait to return and to avail myself of several cocktails from Lucky’s, and maybe even a shave!

Luxury: Braddon Tailors Trunk Show

On Thursday evening past I headed to the Braddon Tailors’ studio in Canberra’s CBD for their new-season Trunk Show, held in conjunction with Henry Carter neckwear and accessories.

The Trunk Show was an opportunity for new and existing customers to visit with founders Pip Morgan (Braddon Tailors) and Jason Sergott (Henry Carter) and to get an exclusive glimpse of the new season’s offerings, as well as hands-on advice relating to style and fit. Over 150 Canberran men and women stopped by the first-floor studio to check what will be on offer.

It is really fantastic to see Canberra getting behind such an exciting business, and the energy and interest in the pieces on offer was more than a little contagious. If it wasn’t the gorgeous Maccelsfield printed scarves, ties or pocket squares; it was the exceptional tailoring and details of the suits and shirts on display. Ties and accessories were walking out the door at an impressive speed, and there were a handsome number of appointments made for suits and other delectable tailored pieces.

The evening was such a success that I am sure we will see another in months to come, and there was even talk of a lady’s night in the works as well.

Like many other Canberrans, I first learned of Braddon Tailors when they showed for the first time this year at Fashfest 2014. This is also how I discovered Henry Carter, as the Braddon Tailors models walked down the runway sporting a gorgeous array of Henry Carter neckwear and accessories. 

I was really thrilled to be able to stop by the studio and to see the new season’s offerings, and to see that there was such a genuine interest in what the boys have to offer from the Canberra community. It’s certainly cemented the necessity for some serious investment on my behalf in a few really beautiful suiting pieces, and I can’t think of better hands to put my needs in than with Braddon Tailors.

Luxury: Braddon Tailors Trunk Show this Thursday

This is something of a public service announcement for any men or women in Canberra looking to get their hands on the best bespoke suits, ties and accessories that Canberra has to offer.

This Thursday 24 July, two Canberra companies are joining forces to showcase their impressive wears for men who appreciate the finer-side of mens fashion and who understand that first impressions really do last.

I will be joining Pip Morgan and Tarun Charker of Braddon Tailors, along with Jason Sergott of Henry Cater, and more than 50 Canberran gentlemen; and heading to the studio of Braddon Tailors for a unique trunk show of some of the best men’s winter fashion available in the nation’s capital.

As I have mentioned previously here and here, Braddon Tailors are Canberra-based designers dedicated to producing high quality, made-to-measure and bespoke garments using refined techniques and luxury fabrics. Established in 2010, Braddon Tailors focuses on timeless suits, not those that succumb to the fads of fashion. The label, founded by Canberra’s Pip Morgan and Tarun Charker, showed for the first time this year at Fashfest, and I was blown away by the collection.

Henry Carter Neckwear will also present at the trunk show with its hand printed and woven silk ties from renowned Como in Italy and Macklesby in England, as well as pocket squares, scarves and other accessories, all made using the finest silks, wools, cotton and cashmere. Henry Carter is based here and owned by Canberra’s Jason Sergott. Braddon Tailors is the sole stockist of Henry Carter products in the ACT.

The trunk show will be a great opportunity to view the latest in men’s fashion, but also to learn about the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of dressing professionally. “Some men are confused about basic rules such as sleeve length, pant length, how to combine colours and how to combine patterns,” says Pip. “Some are confused about what is possible to wear in a conservative work environment, what to wear at interviews, and how to marry jackets with jeans for a casual look. We’ll be on site to provide guidance and advice.”

While the trunk show features men’s fashion, women are obviously also invited. “Women love men in a great suit and tie,” says Pip. “We’re receiving more questions from women about what their partners should consider wearing, both in a professional and casual environment.”

As I have said, I’ll be at the free event, which is being held at Braddon Tailors studio, Level 1, North Building, 180 London Circuit, from 5.30 until 9pm this Thursday evening. You can confirm your attendance by calling 0414 751 828.

Photo Credits: All ties and tie-images provided by Henry Carter. Images of Braddon Tailors provided by Stella-Rae Zelnik. 

Daily Outfit: Canadian Tuxedo

This evening I donned a Canadian Tuxedo and the boyfriend and I headed down to New Acton to check out the Hustle & Scout Twilight Markets, as well as The Forage.

I must admit that I didn’t stay very long at all. Both the boyfriend and I are a mite claustrophobic, and the sheer number of people at Hustle & Scout, and the freezing temperature and lack of eftpos at The Forage, mean that we had both had our fill pretty quickly. BUT, Hustle and Scout was going off! There was a really awesome turn out, and I was really impressed with the designers that were showing their stuff. It was really great to see so many Canberrans out supporting such a fantastic and home-grown event!

I’m not really sure what possessed me to wear this Canadian Tuxedo (double denim, FYI) for this daily outfit, but I have to say that I didn’t mind the look as much as I would have though. The entire outfit consisted of:

Dark denim jacket – Mooks, ebay
Blue and white striped cotton sweater – Divided by H&M
Navy cotton tank – ASOS
Vintage monogram canvas bucket bag – Louis Vuitton, thrifted
Black leather belt – Raphael Steffens
Blades tapered Jeans – G-star, ebay
Blue leather boots – G-star

I’ve had this jacket for easily six months now, and I’ve never worn it. This is 95% because I have always though double denim to be one of the worst fashion faux-pas one could commit. I have been denim jacket curious for a while now, and this Mooks one was a steal at $26, so I gave into my temptation earlier this year.

I was hoping to have Jiawa from Closet Voyage and Heather from Heat Storm judge my outfit for me, as a part of their Style Scouting for Hustle & Scout, but sadly I didn’t see them in the short time that I was there :”(