Braddon Tailors Store Opening


Tonight I attended the opening of the Braddon Tailors flagship store in the Ori Buliding in Braddon.

The opening of the store represents a positive leap forward for Canberra’s fastest developing menswear destination, and gave existing customers and those interested in the label and opportunity to see the exciting new retail space in the heart of Canberra, as well as to congratulate owner Pip Morgan and his team on this exciting next step. (more…)

Staycation: QT Canberra


Fashfest is over for another year, and while I had a blast covering the event for my Blog and I’m already looking forward to and planning for Fashfest 2016; what most people don’t realise about an event like this is that it is hard work. As a Blogger attending a fashion show you’re expected (and rightfully so) to cover the event in sufficient detail, which means being present pre-show for traditional Media coverage, engaging with the collections shown while simultaneously capturing them on camera, battling all the other Bloggers for best picture, best post, best outfit; and of course to actually write, edit and post Blog posts, instagram pictures, and anything else you might feature.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of this, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is hard work.

As such, it was a delight to be treated to a night of accommodation at QT Canberra for the final night of Fashfest 2015, meaning that I could turn the last 24 hours of Fashfest into a staycation while I devoted my time to covering the event.

Fashfest 2015: Night Four – Engineer


Fashfest Night Four – Engineer was always going to be a colossal affair. I went into it knowing this, and yet the Fashfest team still managed to blow me away with a showcase of talent the likes of which the Capital has never seen before.

Special mention has to be made of all the musical acts tonight, including Director of Music Ashley Feraude, and vocal guests Canel Cole, Cris Clucas and Kayo Marbilus. The stand-out for me, however, was Mondecreen, and electronic duo with smooth vocals, hard beats and who were all-round a delight to watch.

Now, onto the designer snapshots for closing night… (more…)

Fashfest 2015: Night Two – Inventor


If there is one thing that I have come to expect from Fashfest it is to be surprised. The anticipation of waiting to be surprised is a double-edged blade, because while it is fun to be surprised, not knowing when or how can seem excruciating in the moments leading up to said surprise.  Fashfest night two kept to it’s word and delivered surprise after surprise. We opened with tonight’s themed short film, a very engaging take on Inventor that had me on a Bride of Frankenstein train of thought, and then the show kicked off with a live performance by Tak-un-da and DJingby Ced Nada. What followed was nine vastly different runway shows which kept the audience engaged and wondering what would be delivered next.

Fashfest 2015: Night 1 – Activist


Fashfest 2015 kicked off with a spectacular line-up of designers all showing collections grouped under the banner of ‘Activist’. The National Convention Center looked absolutely amazing, proving itself to be a worthy new home for the event, and I was delighted to see the impressive turn out. The designers showing tonight catered to an array of different audiences, but all showed under the collective banner of ‘Activist’ and brought the audience something to think about through their unique take on the problem of what we put on our backs. The mesnwear shown tonight was all of a very high caliber, and I am really looking forward to sharing these with you all in greater detail next week.

For now, here is my very brief snapshots of the designers collections from tonight. (more…)