Sumptuous Silks – A New Season Feast from Casa Pavone


Mid-way as we are now through Spring, it probably seems a little late to the party to be discussing the new spring/summer offerings from Canberra-based accessories label Casa Pavone. But with Fashfest over for another year, and the men of Canberra and the surrounding area faced with a whole slew of new seasonal occasions to dress for (Spring races, Spring weddings, Christmas and New Years…) I cannot think of a better time to talk through some of the stunning new pieces on offer to get us looking our best.

Created as a complimentary label to the designs they were creating with Braddon Tailors. Pip Morgan and Johnathon McFeat identified that there was a hole in the Australian market for men’s accessories of a really high quality; and knew that they were the ones to offer a solution with Casa Pavone.

Offering a well designed, high quality product is the key to the label, which prides itself on sourcing only the best English and Italian silks, searching through merchants pattern archives – in some cases back over 200 years, to source the materials used in their collections.

Quality is ensured in the final product through a partnership with a small family owned manufacturing company in Italy who create all the pieces for Casa Pavone by hand. With each piece being lovingly created by artisans, in very small quantities, we’re talking about bespoke menswear accessories which are filling a needy niche in the menswear marketplace. (more…)

Bow Tie: A Meditation on a Trend

Bow Tie 20160215_a

Wearing: |speckled blue jumper – H&M | pale blue Oxford shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | maroon bow tie – vintage | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | light Moto jeans – G-Star Raw | tobacco brown leather brogues – Trenery |


Bow ties were once regulated to strict preppies and conservative college professors, but have exploded into a men’s fashion staple over the past few years. Not all of it has been good, with several ‘new’ takes on this humble accessory being invented which usually signals the end of a trend (for example, the wooden bow tie, a pet hate of mine). Lately I have been wondering whether there is still a suitable way to wear a bow tie to add a jolt of personality to our wardrobes, or if the trend is well and truly dead.

Admittedly, the use of a bow tie will not suit every guy’s wardrobe or lifestyle, but I do believe that there are still ways to give these beautiful menswear staples a place in your wardrobe. (more…)

Daily Outfit Post: What I Wore to the Fashfest Model Casting


It is not every day that you’re going to be surrounded by 300 gorgeous men and women vying for the chance to show their modelling prowess, and this very point dictated what I wore to the Fashfest Model Casting for 2015 this Sunday past. I mean, you can’t just rock up to an event where people are being assessed on their talent for looking fantastic in any old thing. Well, you can, it just is not wise at all. If nothing else, you owe it to your ego to dress up just a little.

I went with some very demure bling… (more…)

Daily Outfit: Monday Morning triple threat

Monday mornings call for something a little out of the ordinary. I didn’t want to start the week off on a dull note, knowing ahead of time that it would be hectic and that I would have a lot of running around and a lot of potential stress to deal with, especially being such a strong believer in the way you dress on a Monday having an effect on the way the rest of your week plays out.

What I went with for today’s outfit was:

Navy  wool blazer with pinstripe – Rembrant Sartorial, thrifted
White cotton tailored shirt with navy check – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Navy and white checked scarf – We The People
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Medium-wash Blades jeans – G-Star
Brown suede loafers – Raphael Steffens

I thought that the two checked patterns would have worked better together than they did, but realistically the scarf is more of a plaid, meaning that I was wearing three contrasting patterns up top today. A few colleagues mentioned that I was looking dapper, which was really nice to hear. I think that investing in a midnight blue or true navy silk Tuxedo scarf to wear in such an ensemble would be a wise way forward for my wardrobe…

Daily Outfit: Bow-Tied Up in Knots

I am mortified to admit that I do not know how to tie a Bow-Tie, and that all the Bow-Ties that I own are the cheat sort where they are already tied and all you have to do is hook them together. It’s sartorially equivalent to admitting you walk around with a sock in your Y-fronts or tissues in your bra. I think that especially given my age (twenty-seven come December 30) – I should own and be able to tie a Bow-Tie by now.

This is something that I intend to rectify in adopting my ‘Darker Shade of Prep’ wardrobe aesthetic. I have found some really beautiful Bow-ties on Etsy and eBay, and tonne on stalwart Preppy institution’s sites like J. Press and Vineyard Vines. So the owning element is soon to be vanquished. That just leaves the learning how to tie element. The cheater versions need to go, however: today’s number strangled me unbearably – even if it did look cute :S

My outfit for today was:

navy wool Sweater – Share Broker, from Etsy
blue and white check Business Shirt – T.M. Lewin
black silk cheat’s Bow-Tie – Tie Rack
black leather Belt – JAG
black resin-coated straight-leg Jeans – G-Star Raw
black leather military Boots – Zu

I love the shirt I’m wearing today – it was my very first T.M. Lewin purchase. It is, sadly, far too small for me (hence the sweater to protect the eyes of the innocent); and I’m looking to replace it shortly. It is such a great shirt though – I can’t bring myself to part with it. I bought it second hand and it still comes out of the wash looking brand new… I’ll have to find a DIY project I can do with it. Or lose a tonne of weight. In any event, T.M. Lewin are opening a store here in Australia this year – I cannot wait!