Mikael Maüs – Artists I love

Examples of the beautiful pen and line artworks that Mikael Maüs shares across his Instagram feeds, with a common thread of masculinity, physicality and golden accents.

In case it is not already obvious, I have something of an Instagram obsession. I was originally opposed to Instagram as a platform because I thought that it was blogging for idiots – a platform where you could post with immense ease but little actual content.

Now that I have been using Instagram for a while and discovering amazing bloggers and content creators out there who both inspire and challenge me on a daily basis, it is very easily that I admit I was completely wrong about the medium.

The thing is, for every amazing artist or content creator that I discover through their immense followings or notoriety outside of Instagram, there are scores out there who are still fighting to share their gifts with the world. It is a paradox of social media, the ability to be connected to billions of users through a hashtag and still struggling to get your work noticed.

This idea has inspired me to try something a little out of the ordinary in the digital age, which is to tell people about the people I discover online that are important to me. When I find someone whose work speaks to me, or that gets me laughing along with their post or responding to a call for action – I tell my friends.

In turn, this has inspired me to start a new series here on the blog called ‘Artists I love’.

The whole point of this series will be to showcase the talent of artists and creators that I have discovered through Instagram, as a way to share the work of those artists I love with my readers.

First up is my divine friend Josh Munoz and his amazing drawings under the pseudonym of Mikael Maüs. (more…)

30 Before 30: Get Your Heart Broken

As I’m sure that you’re aware now, I’m turning 30 in under 30 weeks. As such, I have compiled a list of 30 things that I am supposed to have done or to have stopped doing BEFORE I turn 30.

Each week until I actually turn 30 I will be discussing/ranting about one of the items on the list, and deciding whether I agree with it or not.

This week’s 30 Before 30 is all about getting your heart broken, and offering you four potentially good outcomes of getting your heart ripped out of your chest!

ENJOY! And thanks for watching 🙂

Luxury: Top 5 Clarins Products


I mentioned recently in my second 30 Before 30 video, that as I get older I am more and more focused on taking care of myself, and that one such area is skincare. I have always known that I should really take better care of my skin, but in a lot of ways I have spent the previous 29 years treating my epidermus really badly. I have resolved that moving forward, I will do my best to take better care of my skin, and a key ingredient to this (besides resolve to actually doing it) is Clarins.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Clarins is a French luxury cosmetics company founded in 1954, which manufactures prestige skincare, makeup and fragrance products with a strong focus on the use of botanical elements. I have tried many different skincare products in my time, but none have ever felt as good on my skin, or smelled as divine, as the Clarins range does.

In order to change things up a little, today I thought that I would do quick reviews of my top 5 Clarins products currently in rotation in my skincare routine. (more…)

Committing to Luxury with Materialbyproduct


Exquisite hand-stitching detailing of this incredibl feather-weight leather jacket from the Materialbyproduct collection ‘Clover’.

It is a common statement that a journey of a thousand smiles begins with a single step. I cannot say with certainty what my very first step on the path to luxury was, but I know what my latest has been, and it is all thanks to Materialbyproduct.

On Wednesday evening this week I drove myself to Manuka, and made my way to the cheekily named boutique Department of the Exterior. I was there to see a showing of the current collection from Materialbyproduct, entitled Clover, and to meet the designer and artisan behind the lable Susan Dimassi. Susan was kind enough to respond to several of my embarrassingly gushy comments on the Materialbyproduct instagram, and when I expressed a keen interest in the gorgeous new silk scarves from the Clover collection, invited me to pre-season showing at the Manuka boutique.


Materialbyproduct hand-sewn pouches trimmed in gorgeous silk ribbon, featuring prints from the ‘Clover’ collection.

It was a real pleasure to meet Susan, and Sally, the owner of Dexterior, and both were incredibly welcoming and so genuinely passionate about the Materialbyproduct label. The pieces on display in the store were breathtakingly beautiful and all but thrummed with the time and effort that had gone into executing each beautiful piece. When you see a Materialbyproduct garment in the flesh, you instantly know that you are beholding something different to anything you have ever seen in a store. Tailored to perfection with beautifully hand-sewn accents, the caliber of these pieces is truly a cut above.  (more…)

Hustle & Scout: Style Scouted

Yesterday was the first birthday of the Hustle & Scout Markets here in Canberra, and I headed out to the gorgeous new location at Hangar 47 at Fairbairn to spend the afternoon Style Scouting the other attendees for the Hustle & Scout Facebook page.

I had a really great time at the markets, and I have to extend a huge congratulations to Tegan and her team for an amazing job well done. The space looked fantastic, the talent on display was phenomenal, and I truly cannot wait for the next market to come around.

Below is a selection of my favourite looks from the day, with very brief reasons as to why their looks caught my eye.

Ladies to the left looking effortlessly chic with great pops of colour.

 Couple to the right looking relaxed, but still dressed-up for the weekend!

At left- not taking themselves or their clothes too seriously.

Fantastically dressed couple! Loved everything about his look, wanted to steal her amazing sweater
(Where did you get it???) 

Great looks that compliament each other on the left (love the hat).

Loved the guy on the right’s look, especially those killer shoes.

Their blazers/black jeans combos! A winner whichever way you look at it.

Great use of muted colours on the left, and truly amazing bag game.

Weekend casual without looking sloppy on the right (and loving the man bun too!).

These two were my favourites of the day. From the Louis Vuitton Samur to the nude leather boot, both rocked their looks head to toe and looked fantastic doing so.

Daily Outfit: Mark 06 Jacket

I am completely smitten with this polyester jacket that I picked up in H&M in Finland, and it is rapidly becoming my go-to winter jacket.

It is actually a part of a runner’s get-up with a pair of matching leggings/tights that I have at home, and while they look pretty bad-ass together, I won’t be subjecting you to that view anytime soon. The jacket is also blissfully warm, most likely because it is made of several different kinds of plastic. It makes it perfect for dreary days like today, where the sky over Canberra is wet and grey looking, and the wind is particularly vicious.

I think that a large part of the reason that I love this jacket, however, is because the colours and design remind me of one of the huge robots from my favourite Anime series Evangelion. Specifically for any geeks out there, I’m talking about the Mark 06 from the Rebuild of Evangelion.

Today I am wearing:

Navy polyester jacket with orange details and reflective stripes – H&M Sport
Orange checked button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Navy silk necktie with woven Gridiron player motif – vintage Landsend
Black leather belt – Raphael Steffens
Blades loose tapered jeans – G-Star, ebay
Black leather military boots – Zu Shoes

Another purchase from my trip which I love, is this awesome silver grid ring that I picked up in Stockholm. I really love how simple the design is, and the geometry of the ring. It reminds me of the grid books that we used for maths when I was in high school, which is odd because maths was my least favourite subject. It also reminds me of Crispix cereal though…

Travel: Graffiti Hunting part 2

Travel presents a great opportunity to emerge yourself in the culture of an area or areas. For me, this means seeing what is on offer in the local Graffiti scene.

Graffiti has always been an interest of mine, and I love having the opportunity to see what local artists are doing. I find the work of graffiti artists really engaging and inspiring, and I am positive that the images below will be memories that stay with me once I have returned from my travel.

This hand drawn and painted paste-up of DC comics character Harley Quinn was found on a shop-front window in Old Town in Tallinn. I’m not personally a huge fan of DC, but the workmanship that went into this piece is apparent, and it is very beautifully executed.

I was really shocked to see this huge mural on the side of a building in Rovaniemi in Lapland; mostly because it is just so huge and vibrant, and the rest of Rovaniemi is a little run down. Not really sure what this is of, but I like the textures used and the over-all colour scheme.

This photo will hold a particular place in my heart, as it was taken moments after we were on the Lumberjack’s Candle Bridge in Rovaniemi to witness the Midnight Sun. There’s just something about the perfect execution of the spary-painted lettering that does it for me.

I love the story of Doctor Frankenstein and his monster, and this stencilled paste-up is a great likeness of the well-loved Hollywood portrayl of the Monster. This was one of two Frankenstein pieces found in Oulu, Finland, and I love it because of how simple it is.

This little Soviet-inspired sticker was found on a lamp post in Oulu. I was drawn to it because of the strong jaw-line on the guy on the sticker, I’m not going to lie.

This is another spray-painted paste-up from Oulu. It’s very simple, with just the one colour used, but I love the way that it looks and how boldly it stood out on the wall where it was placed.

This is a more detailed spay-painted paste-up, because it is using two colours. It’s a little creepy, which is in part why I was drawn to it. We found this one when we arrived in Turku, Finland, on the Midsommar holiday. The city was all but deserted and we were joking about how like a scene from a Zombie film it was. Finding this guy was fitting.

Finally we have this beautifully executed portrait, which is either of the TV Morticia Adams or the wife from The Munsters. This is a stencilled sticker and it was found on a post-box in Turku, Finland. This one is really beautiful, and I was stoked to have seen it.