Louis Vuitton

What’s in my bag? Why do you care?

What's in my bag 20160331_a

The first time I watched a “What’s in my bag” video on YouTube I got a distinctly dirty feeling, like I had just stumbled upon a friend’s porn stash. There’s an element of titillation, and an element of disgust. Sure, you want to see what your friend is into (the teasing possibilities are truly endless); but you’re also sort of revolted more than you can explain. And that is how I felt when I shakily directed my cursor to the play button before watching my first video. You know that you shouldn’t… and yet you know that you’re absolutely going to any way!

To this day, I have probably watched over 200 “What’s in my bag” videos. (more…)

Family Friendly Travel Outfit

Family 20151224_a

Today was my last day of work for 2015, before heading off on several days of holiday travel. We’re doing the whole family shebang this year – my family, the boyfriend’s family, back to Canberra and then off to Sydney for New Years Eve with my best friend!

The thing about travel, is that it is bloody awful. (more…)

Monthly Favourites Vlog – August

I have been a big fan of Monthly Favourites videos on Youtube for a while now, and I follow a lot of great Youtubers who produce this video every month. I think that they’re a really great way to learn more about your favourite Youtubers; but also to discover new products/gadgets/brands to try, or to confirm your thoughts about something you have been thinking of trying for a while. It seems only natural then that I would want to start sharing my own monthly favourites with you in Video format. (more…)

Introducing My Pochette Metis


I am very pleased to introduce the latest addition to my Louis Vuitton collection, the Pochette Metis! I picked this little heart-breaker up from the post office on Saturday morning, and I have been dying to share him with you all ever since. A stunning piece of Louis Vuitton design and craftmanship, the Pochette Metis is the perfect 30th Birthday present for myself (more…)

Friday Fixation: Vuitton Backpack Edition

I am consumed lately by the desire to retire my Louis Vuittion Delightful GM to a weekend bag, and to get myself a Vuitton backpack for my day-to-day life.

I am going to go ahead and blame my current fixation on Cormac and Kevin, both of whom have awesome Youtube channels that you should check out, and own backpacks from Vuitton. Watching their review videos is what got me looking at the Vuitton backpack range on offer, and wondering if maybe that was the direction I wanted to head in for my next luxury investment.

The only problem is that I am extremely fussy, and I’m a little bit devoted to the iconic Monogram print canvas, regardless of the fact that the Damier Eben is in fact the first canvas that Louis Vuitton used some 150 years ago. I’m not even really sold on the Monogram Macassar pieces, which have the Monogram canvas with black leather trim instead of the usual Vachetta leather.

So, for this Friday Fixation, I am looking at the six Vuitton backpacks currently on the Louis Vuitton Australia website, and making arguments for or against each. I’d love to hear what you think, of the pieces and of whether I should start scouring the consignment stores or not….
20141107_bosphore (more…)