Daily Outfit: Intergalactic

I want to get back into the swing of kicking off the week with a bang in the sartorial sense, and so I decided I’d go a little intergalactic with this daily outfit.

This beautiful necklace is by the incredibly talented Alicia Hannah Naomi, and has been a staple of mine since I purchased it a few years back. It never fails to draw attention to itself, and it is a supremely satisfying thought to have a nebula strung about your neck while you do you day to day business.

I paired the necklace with some very simple pieces in solid blues, to keep the attention firmly on the necklace itself. For this intergalactic daily outfit I’m wearing:

Navy wool tailored blazer – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Blue Oxford cloth button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Nebula pendant necklace – Drown, by Alicia Hannah Naomi
Black leather belt – Raphael Steffens
Royal blue skinny jeans – ASOS
Orange and white striped cotton socks – Uniqlo, Tokyo
Black leather shoes with cut-out details – Raphael Steffens

There were two or so other designs of this necklace available when it was first released, and at the time I really wanted a different design which was predominantly blue in colouring. Fortunately, though I didn’t feel so at the time, that design had sold out by the time I bought mine, and so I had to choose the orange nebula design. I think that in hindsight, this colour design best compliments the rest of my wardrobe, and as such was a happy failing on my behalf.

Daily Outfit: Sweats at Work

Today I am headed down to my parent’s farm on the far-south coast for their annual Finnish Independence Day celebration; so I wanted a daily outfit that translated well into three hours in the car.

For transparency, I feel like I must say that I wasn’t brave enough to wear the track pants to work in the end, even on ‘Casual Friday’, so I wound up changing them out for a pair of dark jeans.

For today’s travelling daily outfit I’m wearing:

Navy oversized double-breasted wool blazer – Oxford, thrifted
Cotton-blend navy crew neck t-shirt – ASOS
White resin sharks tooth necklace – Helsinki
Navy marle cotton jogger sweatpants – New Look, ASOS
Blue leather boots with buckle detail – G-Star

I do love these jogger sweatpants though. I chanced upon them on ASOS, and I’m kicking myself for not ordering more than one pair at the time. I think that as far as sweats go, these are the closest that I have found to being work-appropriate. One day I might even be brave enough to actually wear these to work.

I’ll also be keeping an eye on New Look, which is a new label to me, and I believe to ASOS. They seem to offer basic pieces that are well made and at very reasonable prices.

Daily Outfit: Shades of Blue

This daily outfit is another in a series of experiments in my Blue Goth wardrobe. With the exception of some orange accents, everything that I am wearing is in shades of blue.

Which, admittedly, is one of the reasons a colleague asked me which Smurf I was this morning.

My response was Grumpy, which in hindsight was one of the Seven Dwarfs, not one of the Smurfs.

The shades of blue in this daily outfit I’m wearing are:

Navy cotton beanie (not pictured) – ASOS
Navy cotton jacket with crest detail – Ben Sherman, thrifted
Navy slubby cotton scoop-neck t-shirt – FCUK
Molten pendant necklace – AHN
Navy and orange ribbon belt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Indigo wash Riley tapered jeans – G-Star, eBay
Navy and orange Velcro sneakers – Puma

I have to say that I’m really not feeling too limited by my self-imposed divorce from all colours other than blue. Granted, I still have a few orange and white items that I am keeping as accent pieces, but realistically I would say at least 85% of my wardrobe is now in shades of blue. The only areas where I am really lagging is shoes and accessories. I’m hoping to reach my end goal of 90% shades of blue in my wardrobe by December 2014.

Fashfest 2014: Designer Review – Corr Blimey

Last but by no means least in both the Fashfest shows and my personal reviews of the menswear collections, we have Corr Blimey’s 2014 collection Berlin.

Hands down, this was my favourite collection of Fashfest 2014.

Louisa and Steve presented a collection of men’s and women’s looks. In a pallet of tarnished metallics and creams, this collection was striking and theatrical while maintaining a wearability. The cut of the garments remained true to the Corr Blimey DNA, but the execution and accessories all made for a new and engaging entry for the Fashfest alumni label.

I really loved all of the collection, but for me the top of my “I MUST OWN THAT!” list went to the amazing collaboration with Silver Atom Designs, in the shape of metal and leather harnesses, neckwear, wrist adornments and even a crown! I loved the crystalline/prismatic structures that were used and the touch or armor that these beautiful accessories added to the collection.

Special mention must be made of the men’s red latex covered sneakers, the amazing makeup, and of course of the show-stopping rich bronze dress worn by the Face of Fashfest 2014 Belinda Riding. The neckline on that dress is truly amazing, and Belinda scorched that catwalk as she took that final walk.

All in all, Corr Blimey’s Berlin is a gritty, grungy celebration of sumptuous fabrics, marvelous cuts and striking sculptural details. The collection is both inspired and wearable, and a perfect testament to just what Canberra Fashion has to offer.

If the Corr Blimey collection left you ravenous to get your hands on a piece to call your very own, you can contact Louisa directly by email, the details for which are here. Or, you can head down to Hustle &Scout on July 5 2014, where Corr Blimey will be selling their Berlin collection.

Daily Outfit: AliciaHannahNaomi Love

Today’s post is a dedication to the amazing craftsmanship of Melbourne Jeweller Alicia Hannah Naomi, whom most of you probably know as the leather-clad creatrix behind SeaofGhosts. I am a huge fan of Alicia’s work, and so when I saw her post about the Pan ring prototype she had created, I contacted her immediately to find out whether I was able to commission one for myself. It arrived this afternoon.
The thing I think I love most about this Ring, besides knowing the Jeweller and how much care she put into its creation, is the simplicity. The almost utilitarian silver setting does not detract in any way from the natural beauty of slender finger of Tibetan quartz. And the quartz itself is beautiful because it is naturally flawed – not polished to a point of ridiculousness. This sort of intersection between Geology and Sculpture in a wearable context had me literally gagging to own it.

Today I’m wearing:

Tibetan quartz and silver ‘Pan’ ring – AliciaHannahNaomi
Blue and white micro-striped business shirt – T.M. Lewin, ebay
Gold-tone cufflinks – gifted
Orange wool vest – Fields, Etsy
Navy silk necktie with lobster motif – L.L.Bean, Etsy
Brown leather belt – Country Road
Hudson blue slacks with embroidered lobsters – Brooks Brothers, ebay
Brown leather shoes with buckle detail – Raphael Steffens

I cannot wait to have a formal occasion to wear the ring. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll wear this puppy anywhere, but I think that where Alicia’s jewellery really shines, in regards to my wardrobe specifically, is when it is set against the more formal elements. I’ve got a Dallas cocktail party situation going on in my head: I’m thinking navy satin suit, black cotton shirt, navy silk necktie, black leather belt, shoes and clutch, and my Pan ring glinting with beauty and menace on my left hand. Maybe I’ll slap someone, maybe I won’t. Regardless, I’ll look the part thanks to this ring.

Daily Outfit: Deadliest Catch

It was not intentional at all, but I sort of planned an ensemble for today that has left me looking like I should be hauling up crab-pots out of the freezing Atlantic Ocean while swearing at the camera on Deadliest Catch. I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing, and as a look I sort of dig the combination, sort of L.L. Bean meets Red Lobster meets Australian suburbanite homosexual…

Today’s deadliest outfit is:

navy woollen Puffer-Jacket – Country Road
off-white long-sleeved Top – Country Road
prawn keyring worn as Necklace – random Crasian store in Melbourne
black leather Belt – from a Wedding ensemble
sherbet orange pleat-fronted Slacks – Polo Ralph Lauren
black leather Chelsea Boots – Country Road  

I found this prawn keyring/phone decoration when I was last in Melbourne, before I became violently ill and collapsed into a hysterical, sobbing wreck that my best friend had to tend to for several days. The tail is articulated and the whole prawn ‘scuttles’ when you pull a string it is attached to. Aside from a few confused “Why are you wearing that?”s, the Necklace has been a big hit thus far, and is ironically fitting for this ensemble.