Ink & Leathers in Narita


So, I’m currently in Japan with the Boyfriend for a three-week holiday to celebrate our five-year anniversary and to spend some time exploring more of this amazing country that has captured my heart and soul.

We’re here for three weeks and will be travelling to several different cities in that time, and I will be Blogging the whole trip – it’s just taken me two days to get that sorted out. I thought that I’d kick things off with a little bit about our first stop – Narita! (more…)

Japanese Street Style – A Preview


If you’ve been reading my Blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll no doubt be aware that I have something of a fixation when it comes to Japan. I’ve been to Tokyo twice now, and in only 15 sleeps I will be returning to Japan for three weeks with my boyfriend to celebrate our five-year anniversary. Over this three weeks I’ll still be blogging daily outfit posts while travelling around Japan, but something that I really want to try is sharing some Japanese Street Style posts with you. I did this on my trip to Europe last year, and I really liked the idea, but I didn’t really take a lot of street style snaps while I was in Japan last year. I did, however, snap some truly Japanese Street Style while I was in Tokyo in 2013, and so I thought to introduce you to the concept, I’d give you a preview of some of the Japanese Street Style that I have previously shot, before I head back in two weeks time. It is a little creepy taking sneaky photos of people’s outfits and accessories, let’s be real; but Scott Schuman and so many others have made a blogging career out of it, so I figure why not dabble a little.

What are your thoughts? Would you like me to share more Japanese Street Style with you this time around? Let me know in the comments down below! (more…)

Daily Outfit: Thirsty For Tokyo

1. Too eager to get something (especially play)
2. Desperate

I spent my second day in Tokyo rushing around trying to tick off some of the things on my massive list of things to do while I am here. I have been looking forward to this trip since I booked it back in August, and in that time I have gotten a little thirsty about it. I’m only here for eight days, after all, and there is stuff that I need to get done while I am here.

I was also literally thirsty all day, on account of the running around and the crush of human body heat on the trains and subways; so I spent a lot of time at vending machines. (more…)

Tokyo Day One: Daily Outfit

20141121_aThis morning I arrived at Narita Airport, before heading into Tokyo for eight days of adventure.

I came to Japan for the very first time last year with the boyfriend. I fell helplessly in love with the country, it’s people, and the culture. Tokyo, where I will spend most of my trip, is like everything you have ever read about it, but a thousand times more amazing.

I am so excited to be back in Tokyo, and I cannot wait to get started on some serious shopping and eating.


Daily Outfit: Errands

Today I had a bunch of errands that I had to run, and so I bundled myself up and got out into the chilled Canberra morning as soon as possible, with the clear intention that the sooner my errands were over; the sooner I could get back into my trackies.

To be perfectly frank, I am surprised at just how cold it is here in Canberra at the moment. It snowed while we were in Lapland, and it was still warmer there than it is here right now! Thankfully, I have this amazing synthetic jacket that I picked up at H&M in Jyväskylä, which kept me nice and toasty as I was running about the place today. It was a sound investment at €7.

The outfit that I wore to run errands today was practical rather than stylish, but it certainly didn’t look bad either. I’m wearing:

Blue cotton beanie – ASOS
Navy polyester hooded jacket with orange trim (part of a tracksuit) – H&MOrange cotton sweater – ASOS
‘Sex, Fashion, Power’ print t-shirt (not pictured) – Slick It Up
Black leather belt – Raphael Steffens
Lightly distressed ‘Elwood’ jeans – G-Star, ebay
Blue leather boots with buckle detail – G-Star 

I took the photos of today’s errand-running daily outfit at a local storm-water drain.

No, seriously, that’s what I did.

I want to start taking better photos for the Blog, and in locations that I actually like and which I feel compliment my daily outfits and/or showcase my city in some way. I discovered this location on an evening walk over the summer and fell in love with the distressed and abstract graffiti background. This is just a taste of the sort of new locations I’ll hopefully be bringing you for all my new Blog posts.

Daily Outfit: Stockholm Island Hopping

I spent today Island Hopping here in Stockholm, Sweden.

Granted, this isn’t the sort of Island Hopping that you might do in Greece, largely because despite the sun being out it was still very chilly. But, Stockholm is a city made up of a series of thirteen islands, and though you can easily walk between each, it is still Island Hopping in its own way.

Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it!

As you can see from these pictures, the weather was anything but suited for Island Hopping, and my daily outfit really reflects this fact:

Blue cotton knit beanie – ASOS
Navy cotton knit sweater with orange stripes and elbow patches – SoulCal
Navy cotton tank – ASOS
Navy basketball shorts with clear strip up legs and contouring – Slick It Up
Orange and blue sneakers – Puma

We spent the day checking out a few museums and then taking a Ghost Tour around the Old Town. Even though I knew that there was no way that the weather was right for it, I was determined to wear my basketball shorts from Slick It Up, which I love. I was a little cold, and I got a few second-glances on account of the leg I was showing, but I was comfortable and happy just the same.

Tomorrow is our last day in Stockholm, and we’re catching the ferry back to Finland in the evening, so I won’t be able to put up a post. I’ll be back on Friday with more excitement from Helsinki!

Travel: Graffiti Hunting part 2

Travel presents a great opportunity to emerge yourself in the culture of an area or areas. For me, this means seeing what is on offer in the local Graffiti scene.

Graffiti has always been an interest of mine, and I love having the opportunity to see what local artists are doing. I find the work of graffiti artists really engaging and inspiring, and I am positive that the images below will be memories that stay with me once I have returned from my travel.

This hand drawn and painted paste-up of DC comics character Harley Quinn was found on a shop-front window in Old Town in Tallinn. I’m not personally a huge fan of DC, but the workmanship that went into this piece is apparent, and it is very beautifully executed.

I was really shocked to see this huge mural on the side of a building in Rovaniemi in Lapland; mostly because it is just so huge and vibrant, and the rest of Rovaniemi is a little run down. Not really sure what this is of, but I like the textures used and the over-all colour scheme.

This photo will hold a particular place in my heart, as it was taken moments after we were on the Lumberjack’s Candle Bridge in Rovaniemi to witness the Midnight Sun. There’s just something about the perfect execution of the spary-painted lettering that does it for me.

I love the story of Doctor Frankenstein and his monster, and this stencilled paste-up is a great likeness of the well-loved Hollywood portrayl of the Monster. This was one of two Frankenstein pieces found in Oulu, Finland, and I love it because of how simple it is.

This little Soviet-inspired sticker was found on a lamp post in Oulu. I was drawn to it because of the strong jaw-line on the guy on the sticker, I’m not going to lie.

This is another spray-painted paste-up from Oulu. It’s very simple, with just the one colour used, but I love the way that it looks and how boldly it stood out on the wall where it was placed.

This is a more detailed spay-painted paste-up, because it is using two colours. It’s a little creepy, which is in part why I was drawn to it. We found this one when we arrived in Turku, Finland, on the Midsommar holiday. The city was all but deserted and we were joking about how like a scene from a Zombie film it was. Finding this guy was fitting.

Finally we have this beautifully executed portrait, which is either of the TV Morticia Adams or the wife from The Munsters. This is a stencilled sticker and it was found on a post-box in Turku, Finland. This one is really beautiful, and I was stoked to have seen it.