Friday Fixation

Backpacks – A Friday Fixation

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Saint Laurent Hunting Rucksack in navy blue canvas and black leather – AU$ 1,015.00


I’ve always said that a backpack is a bag for school kids and lesbians. As far as bags go, backpacks have to be one of my most hated items, and something that frankly do not deserve to be considered under the banner of luxury. They are, however, practical to a fault, and something that I am now considering purchasing as a work bag. I turned 30 not too long ago and I work a 9-5 desk job. Between this and my Blogging I lead the definition of a sedentary life style, and it is starting to really affect me. (more…)

Friday Fixation: Vuitton Backpack Edition

I am consumed lately by the desire to retire my Louis Vuittion Delightful GM to a weekend bag, and to get myself a Vuitton backpack for my day-to-day life.

I am going to go ahead and blame my current fixation on Cormac and Kevin, both of whom have awesome Youtube channels that you should check out, and own backpacks from Vuitton. Watching their review videos is what got me looking at the Vuitton backpack range on offer, and wondering if maybe that was the direction I wanted to head in for my next luxury investment.

The only problem is that I am extremely fussy, and I’m a little bit devoted to the iconic Monogram print canvas, regardless of the fact that the Damier Eben is in fact the first canvas that Louis Vuitton used some 150 years ago. I’m not even really sold on the Monogram Macassar pieces, which have the Monogram canvas with black leather trim instead of the usual Vachetta leather.

So, for this Friday Fixation, I am looking at the six Vuitton backpacks currently on the Louis Vuitton Australia website, and making arguments for or against each. I’d love to hear what you think, of the pieces and of whether I should start scouring the consignment stores or not….
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Friday Fixation: I need a new haircut


I am really blessed to have had the same amazing hairdresser for the past eight years, who has supported my many and varied haircuts, and has told me out-right on more than one occasion that there is no way in hell she would do whatever new haircut I had come up with on the spur of the moment.

Together, we have trialed a series of rather impressive new haircuts, from the Jedward Quiff to the asymmetrical hair beret, and even dying my hair a coppery auburn in order to look like Edward Cullen from the Twilight books (it is a long story and it took quite a bit of convincing to get her to agree to that). I have unfailing faith in Elise’s ability to help me get to where I need to be, as far as my hair is concerned.

In June this year we set a new haircut goal for me, and shaved my head in order to lose the asymmetric growth and create a fresh slate from which to work towards: the Top Knot. (more…)