Corr Blimey

Travel Wardrobe Day 7 – Cover-up


One thing that I am really conscious of when it comes to traveling is observing the rules and customs of my host nation. There are some countries, for example, that I simply wouldn’t go to because of their stance on homosexuality. Mostly however, I am supremely conscious of the fact that just because tattoos have become mainstream in Australia, doesn’t mean other countries feel the same way, and as such, I cover-up. (more…)

Fashfest 2015: Corr Blimey


For the final collection of Fashfest 2015, you really do have to have something up your sleeve which is guaranteed to wow the audience. Thankfully crowd-favourites Corr Blimey closed the show with a collection of men’s and women’s garments in their signature sculptural styles.

Propaganda Z is the second and final installment of Corr Blimey’s 2015 collection, the first part of which was shown in collaboration with Walter Knoll furniture and Designcraft Canberra earlier this year. Z rounded out the collection with more sculptural pieces, continuations of the collection’s themes, and exciting new accessories from Silver Atom. The colour pallet was predominantly achromatic, however there were pops of colour provided throughout, and texture in the form of industrial felt and a knit-print fabric in a gorgeous soft grey. It was obvious watching this collection that the Corr Blimey DNA is as strong as every, with a focus on delivering engaging shapes in the way of tailoring and execution. However, it was also evident that the collaboration with Walter Knoll has had a profound impact of Corr Blimey.

Key pieces from the Z collection for me were the stunning black overcoat worn by Face of Fashfest Ken Scruton, the sculptural black jacket worn by stellar model Ameena Payne, and the knit-print top worn by the male model. This piece in particular caught my eye, as Louisa included some very fancy stitch work and tucks which added to the illusion of this being a knit fabric by adding depth of field to the flat fabric. Silver Atom really surprised me this year, taking his stunning metalwork pieces in new directions and creating brilliant pieces which blended with the sculptural element of the Propaganda Z collection perfectly. I especially loved the lapel decorations, these are a fantastic idea and something that I am not too secretly coveting.

Corr Blimey closed the book on Fashfest 2015 and their Propaganda collections to riotous applause from the crowd, a fitting end to what has been a huge journey in every aspect. This collection showed exactly what designer Lousia de Smet is made of, and pushed the envelope of what we can expect from future collections. Believe the hype and the Propaganda: Corr Blimey fashion will kick your arse and then dress it to kill! (more…)

Fashfest 2015: Night Four – Engineer


Fashfest Night Four – Engineer was always going to be a colossal affair. I went into it knowing this, and yet the Fashfest team still managed to blow me away with a showcase of talent the likes of which the Capital has never seen before.

Special mention has to be made of all the musical acts tonight, including Director of Music Ashley Feraude, and vocal guests Canel Cole, Cris Clucas and Kayo Marbilus. The stand-out for me, however, was Mondecreen, and electronic duo with smooth vocals, hard beats and who were all-round a delight to watch.

Now, onto the designer snapshots for closing night… (more…)

Designer Profile: Corr Blimey


A stalwart of Fashfest and the local fashion scene, Corr Blimey is one of Canberra’s most well-known and long-standing independent fashion design labels. 2015 will mark the third year that Corr Blimey will launch a collection at Fashfest, once more showing innovation of design rather than ‘here-today, gone-tomorrow’ trends.

Corr Blimey’s collections set themselves apart through their distinctive garment construction and design, and through the memorable theatrical nature in which they are displayed. Designers Louisa de Smet and Steven Wright strive for perfection but never take themselves too seriously, something which sets them apart but which ensures that they never fail to impress their audience. (more…)

Announcement: Who Is Exhibition this Friday


This Friday will see a one of a kind celebration of synthesis between fashion and furniture for the launch of WHO IS, an exhibition to be presented by Designcraft in its Hume showroom, 21 to 28 March.

WHO IS will feature residential furniture never before seen in Canberra by international furniture company Walter Knoll, celebrating its 150th year in business in 2015, and also pieces from Propaganda, Corr Blimey’s new collection which will feature at Fashfest later this year.