Fashfest 2017 GIVEAWAY – Three Platinum Passes up for grabs!

Fashfest has introduced me to amazing designers, photographers, musicians and models, not to mention a host of wonderful friends. I am thrilled to be able to offer you the opportunity to see what this great event is made of!


Fashfest 2017 has crept up on me this year, with doors to the National Convention Center opening for the event THIS THURSDAY!

I feel like I am woefully under prepared this year (what am I wearing? who am I excited to see? How am I getting home from the after-party?), and I feel like there must be more of you out there who are finding themselves in a similar situation.

Luckily for you, I’m going to be bringing you all the hot tips for each show, including who I am looking forward to seeing, what you should be excited for, and of course what I’m going to be wearing (when I finally get my act together)

And, with Fashfest literally only three sleeps away, and I can’t think of a better time to announce that I have teamed up with the amazing Fashfest team yet again this year, and we are giving away three platinum double-passes to this year’s events. (more…)

Autumn Inspirations – JORD Wood Watches

There is something about the season of Autumn that just makes me want to immerse myself in nature.

Now, obviously just from looking at me you can tell I’m not exactly the rugged woodsman you probably think of when you hear something like “Autumn makes me want to immerse myself in nature”, but I really do love this season, and all the treats for the senses that it brings with it. The cold bite of the wind on my cheeks, the smell of wood smoke in the air, and the visual spectacle of the leaves bursting into brilliant colours before dropping to the ground. And then of course we have all the different wardrobe tune-ups that we make for the cooler seasons.

This autumn I have been lucky enough to be given a beautiful wooden watch from the babes at JORD wood watches, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The design of the unique watch makes it a perfect addition to my wardrobe for autumn and winter, and gives me all the feelings of immersing myself in nature without actually having to go outside.

Because yes, I am that prissy that I avoid going outside as much as possible. (more…)

Meet the Makers – Cellarmasters event at QT Canberra

What would you say if I told you there was going to be more than 20 leading Australian winemakers, with over 100 Australian wines available for tasting, all in one place with fantastic food; and you could win yourself a double pass to attend?

Cellarmasters and QT Hotels are bringing the fantastic Meet the Makers event to QT Canberra on Friday 19 May 2017, and I have five double passes to give away to Ink & Leathers readers!

Meet the Makers is a fantastic combination of winetasting and speed dating that gives customers the opportunity to actually speak with the brilliant minds behind their favourite tipple. You might have a favourite wine from a Vineyard that’s a little too out of your way to visit in person, or you might be like me and refuse to drink anything that isn’t a desert wine. Meet the Makers give you the opportunity to actually discuss the wines available on tasting with the people who produce them, from vine to glass as it were.

Cellarmasters have been running the Meet the Makers events for 4 years now, and the popular events are now finally on their way to Canberra. As we’re in the midst of Autumn, I can’t think of a better way to spend a chilly Friday night than sampling a selection of wines in good company, with great food and the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the industry’s greatest.

But, how can you win yourself a double pass? (more…)

CARDIF Collective Fashion Alley Giveaway

Would you be interested in attending a showcase of local Canberra Fashion talent showcased in a gritty industrial space held for a fantastic cause? Well, you’re in luck! Local fashion collective CARDIF will be hosting an event on the evening of 8 April 2017 to support the Heart Foundation of Australia boyandgirlco’s Lost and Found initiative, and I have two tickets to give away!

CARDIF Collective Fashion Alley is part fashion show, part art exhibition, part auction, and promises to be a whole lot of fun.

The event will be held in Highgate Lane, Green Square, Kingston. This is the first time that the service laneway will be used for a catwalk event, providing a fantastic juxtaposing of raw industrial service with the polished elegance of designer fashion.


To give you a taste of what the evening will include:

  • New label Thunder Thighs will be launched.
  • Hunter The Label will launch a new autumn/winter 2017 collection called ‘Norwegian Wood’.
  • Zilpah Tart will showcase their new autumn/winter 2017 collection, called Illuminate.
  • CARDIF Collective will present a segment featuring pieces from their in store designers.
  • An art exhibition with works by artists from M16 Gallery.
  • A live auction will be held with auctioneer Richard Luton, with all proceeds going to the Heart Foundation.
  • A silent auction will be held with all proceeds going to the Lost and Found initiative.


Taking Over Australian Fashion Week with Farfetch


Farfetch have invited a select group of Australian Bloggers to take part in an interesting competition to imagine what it would be like to take charge of Australian fashion week.

We’ve been asked to develop our own concept of what that would look like, covering all aspects of the event:  the location where it would be held, the brands who would showcase their designs, who would be seated in the front row, and of course what we would wear from the Farfetch online boutique. (more…)

Competition: Cocktails and Dressing Well

Creating a good cocktail and creating a good ensemble are a very similar process when you think about it. In each instance the basic idea is to take a collection of separate parts in different quantities, blend together and present artfully, in order to create an appealing, unified whole. And, in both instances, those that are able to do so are lauded socially as possessing a marvellous talent. Think about it. Bar Tenders and Stylists – who doesn’t want either of those as a friend? Or cocktails and great style – who is turning down either of those?

My best friend and I love a good cocktail and any opportunity to dress up, and we have been planning a trip to Melbourne for a little while now to indulge in both.

So when Lady Smaggle announced that Crown Metropol and NuffNang Australia were running a competition where the prize was to fly two people to Melbourne to stay at the Crown Metropol, sample the delights of their newly opened West End, including cocktails from Lumia Bar… Well, I could barely contain my excitement.

The emphasis on cocktails in this post is because to enter the competition I have to choose which of these ten amazing cocktails available from Lumia Bar in the West End I would most like to try. After some discussion with Mags, I’ve decided that the cocktail I would most like to try woule have to be the Strawberry Shiraz Cobbler!

The Strawberry Shiraz Cobbler is composed of: Maker’s Mark shaken with orange chunks, red wine, ‘burnt orange and pink peppercorn shrub’ and strawberry liqueur. There are so many things RIGHT about this flavour combination for me personally I can hardly believe that such a drink exists.
As I’ve never actually seen or sampled these cocktails I didn’t have any images to post, so I decided I would use my mad Microsoft Paint skillz to ‘Paint’ all ten of the Lumia Shrub cocktails in the way that I imagine the will look. I’ve also started thinking of what ensembles I’ll ‘mix’ for myself, should I be lucky enough to win the competition and fly to Melbourne to try them. One directly inspired by the Strawberry Shiraz Cobbler is already in the works…