Highlight Colour For Accomplished Dressing

Highlight Colour 20160808_a

A Highlight Colour will really tie together an outfit of just one colour, and make it something special Today I wore: Tortoiseshell and gold-tone sunglasses – ASOS | navy crepe hoodie – Backnumber, Kyoto | orange and white button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | orange kint necktie – Uniqlo | navy and orange cotton webbing belt with leather fastenings – Sportscraft | raw indigo denim ‘Riley’ Jeans – G-Star Raw | whiskey brown leather Chelsea Boots with blue gusset – Red Tape |

When you wear a wardrobe that is mostly the one colour, it is really important to know what your highlight colour is, and how to use it.

A highlight colour is a colour that offsets your outfit when you are wearing mostly the one colour. It is a colour, hue or shade that you tend to reach for to break-up the ocean of your main wardrobe’s colour when you’re feeling a little too matchy-matchy or if the colour you wear is getting a bit suffocating. (more…)

Bright Shades: My views on How to wear

Bright shades 20160315_a

Wearing: navy pinstriped blazer – Rembrandt Sartorial, thrifted | orange and white checked button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | chambray monogrammed pocket square – Mizu Brand | midnight blue silk necktie with skull and crossbones motif – Express Design Studios, ebay | black leather belt – Raphael Steffens | bright blue cotton trousers – M.J. Bale | sea blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire |


Bright shades can and will liven up any outfit that you happen to bring them to, but there is a fine art between wearing bright shades of colour and letting them wear you.

It is true that I am not the biggest fan of bright shades, and aside from the occasional pop of white I tend to like to keep things at the darker end of the spectrum with lots of variations of the colour navy, and a few muted shades of blue or orange thrown in for good measure. I love these colours and I love the way that they look on me, but it is important to change things up every once in a while to avoid getting yourself stuck in a wardrobe rut. (more…)

Holidays and Poor Dressing Choices

Holidays Dressing Badly

The Holidays are upon us and everything in life seems to be caught in a tug-of-war between speeding up and slowing down which makes it so difficult to actually get motivated for much of anything. More and more this specifically relates to putting any effort into how I get dressed in the morning. Yesterday, I spent the whole day in an old pair of boxer shorts and a racer-back singlet that shows an alarming amount of side-moob. I even walked outside, moved my car, and put things in the recycling bin! This is especially problematic for someone like yours truly, who has always been on the thicker side of husky, and for whom dressing the part is an integral element of my self-esteem and general demeanor. (more…)

Orange You Glad You Wore Orange?


Orange is hands-down one of my favourite colours in the world. I’ve spoken before about my fear of the colour, and how I have only recently come to terms with the idea of experimenting with wearing orange. It has surprised me to realise however, that while I am much more likely to be caught wearing the colour these days, it still only pops up very occasionally in my wardrobe. (more…)

Travel Wardrobe Day 6 – In Transit


Travel, I have come to realise, is anything but glamorous. Unless you’re lucky enough to be a part of the 1%, the reality is that when you travel you do so in a world of mixed modes of travel, running between each like a maniac, wielding a 23 kilo suitcase like a deadly weapon, and sweating up a storm all the while. And the is no glamour in your travel, or mine for that matter. If anyone ever tells you that they enjoy travel, as in the act of getting from A to B, accept that they are actually insane and move on. Travel is horrible. Travel is painful. Travel is ugly.

Today saw us travel from Nagasaki to Kyoto. It too one tram, three trains, one bus and one car to get us to travel from Point A to Point B. And this is what I wore because I am a masochist:
hand-stitched nautical print silk scarf – Bally, thrifted
navy wool stretch blazer with ribbed texture – Travel Jacket, thriifted
royal blue heathered tank-top – Divided by H&M
navy and white cotton belt – Sportscraft
dark navy coated denim jeans – ASOS
navy and white Roshe Runs – Nike


Travel Wardrobe Day 5 – Kaiju Blue


I think that one of the key concepts of buidling a travel wardrobe that works is to pick a harmonious colour scheme and to stick to it, religiously. Mine is obviously shades of blue, and while monochromatic dressing is a challenge at the best of times, I am finding it really works for travel. Blue is a really versatile colour, and no matter what we get up to throughout the day i always feel like I am well dressed and looking put-together,

Today’s outfit in shades of blue was shot in one of the back streets of Nagasaki’s Shinbashi area, where we are currently staying. I am wearing:
gold-tone aviator sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses – ebay
navy blue cotton jumper with white speckles – Divided by H&M
light blue cotton button-down Oxford shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
black leather belt
heavily distressed ‘Riley’ tapered jeans – G-Star Raw
sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire


Off To Sydney


Today I am off to Sydney to visit with my best friend Mags, who recently moved from little-old Canberra to the big smoke in pursuit of knowledge and power. It’s a bitter-sweet situation for me, because while I wants my friends and family to be happy and to live the lives that they want; I expect them to do so without it ever negatively impacting on me or my comfort in the slightest! And having your best friend living in another city negatively impacts upon you life! At the very least, however, this means that I will be spending a lot more time in Sydney over the next 12 months, and as such being exposed to a wider array of delicious foods, cultural experiences and of course, shopping. I actually prefer Sydney to Melbourne if I am perfectly honest, and while Canberra will always be my number 1, I think that Sydney just has this really fun and carefree attitude that both Canberra and Melbourne lack. There won’t be a lot (read: any) shopping this weekend, however, as we’re in the home-stretch of my countdown to Japan and I am saving all my shopping stamina for when I am in my Spiritual homeland.

As I am travelling and the forecast is decidedly mixed and not really very pleasant, I went for something very adaptable, and I am wearing:
navy neoprene hooded jacket with reflective details and neon orange zips – H&M
blue cotton crew-neck t-shirt – Tweed River
black leather belt
‘Blade’ straight-leg jeans – G-Star, ebay
sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire
silver-to-black ombre small hard-sided luggage – Samsonite