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Fashfest 2017 Runway Review – MJ Bale

M.J. Bale offers strong competition for local and international menswear labels on the Canberra scene, and as I have said before – I can not think of a better gauntlet to throw for Canberran consumers than the opening of the M.J. Bale store in the Canberra Centre, and showing on the Fashfest runway.

It is no secret that while I admire and respect the craftmanship of elegant, tailored pieces from bespoke designers who show at Pitti Uomo; I am vastly under-funded to be able to shop there. As such, I am excited for the change that M. J. Bale represents for menswear in Canberra, and to see what the 2017 Fashfest collection will showcase from the brand. (more…)

Aruveyda, Wellness and Aveda: An Interview with Sita Chan

Aruveyda, beauty, wellness and Aveda – an inspired and engaging morning at the Canberra Centre’s beauty and wellness precinct with Sita Chan’s masterclass.

Sita Chan recently presented a fantastic masterclass at the Canberra Centre, and I was so impressed and inspired that I had to share the experience here on the Blog.

The Canberra Centre excels at bringing fantastic new opportunities to Canberrans through these masterclasses, providing experts to share their knowledge and help us to redefine our understanding of beauty and wellness. Not to mention the host of exciting new retail outlets in their new beauty and wellness precinct. One such opportunity today’s masterclass with the lovely Sita Chan, where Canberra Centre and Aveda guests got to learn all about Ayurveda, and finding balance in our everyday lives.

Sita is an Ayurveda lifestyle counsellor, Aveda educator and yoga instructor based out of Hong Kong. For those who may not know what Ayurveda is, it is a 5,000 year old “science of life,” aimed to prevent and heal disease or imbalances within the body. The masterclass today will reveal the healing powers behind the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy that combines yoga, massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine for a better mind, body, spirit connection. She will also guide your dosha for health and wellbeing balance. (more…)

Beauty Redefined – Canberra Centre Launches Beauty and Wellness Precinct

A weekend-long launch for the Canberra Centre brings beauty and wellness to the revitalised Monaro Mall precinct.


Over the past weekend the Canberra Centre opened the doors of the newly refurbished Monaro Mall to unveil a world-class beauty and wellness precinct to scores of eager shoppers, with a series of masterclasses and a litany of opening-specials.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the opening festivities, and so on Thursday morning when my alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 5:00am; sleep-muddled and more than a little cranky I rolled out of my warm bed in order to get myself to there.

At 32 years of age, there isn’t actually a lot that I will get myself out of bed this early for anymore.


Fashfest 2016 Designer Review – The Canberra Centre


Sleek styling from Saba during the Praxis showcase on Friday night


The Canberra Centre is arguably the biggest and best retail space in Canberra, and at the forefront of contemporary fashion, dinging and lifestyle. Since it’s refurbishment in 2006 it has become the premier destination for Canberran’s to indulge in a bit of retail therapy, sporting a number of stores not seen in any other malls across Canberra.

In recent years it has also lead a change in how customers interact with and experience it’s retailers. The Canberra Centre hosts seasonal events based around the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections of its retailers, and has brought a host of talented individuals like Maragret Zhang, Luc Wiseman, and Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton to present talks to eager patrons. There’s also been a number of local interstate artists who have been invited to produce installations for the space.

It makes sense then that the Canberra Centre would take a partnership with Fashfest in 2016, and showcase the current collections of their retailers on the runway. (more…)

Fashfest launch event:


Fashfest 2016 launched today at the beautiful new Eden space in the Canberra Centre.


Today I made a mad dash from the office to the Canberra Centre for the launch of Fashfest 2016. Hosted by the gorgeous Sarah Kelly in the Canberra Centre’s beautiful new Eden space, the event gave founders Clint and Andrea Hutchinson the opportunity to share thougts on where Fashfest came from, how it has grown, and exciting news about what we can expect from the future.

With regard to the origins of the event, Clint recounted a story of travelling to Milan and he and Andrea asking the question of one another “Why hasn’t Canberra had its own event fashion event?” This lead to other questions about how you would run a fashion event in Canberra, and soon after much discussion and some scribbling on napkins, they had designed the very first Fahsfest event.

When they returned to Canberra  the first person that the spoke to Steven Wright, who has been (and remains) a huge part of the Fashfest experience. Clint first pitched the idea of a five-night fashion experience, to which Steven’s response was “You’re crazy, you might be able to make one-night happen.” Clint’s rebuttal was to compromise on a four-night event, and the rest is history. (more…)

Fashfest 2016 Designer Profile – M.J. Bale



My first experience of Australian menswear sensation M.J. Bale was when I received a necktie and a copy of their in-store magazine Manual in a gift bag from an event hosted by Q.T. Canberra last year.

The necktie that I received is a gorgeous pale blue wool affair in a very interesting shade and texture, and I was instantly captivated. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn it since I received it, but I am always complimented when I do, and to this day it remains looking brand new.

I was naturally intrigued then to learn more about M.J. Bale, and subsequently purchased two pairs of the best-fitting chinos I have ever owned in my life from their Sydney store. These chinos are sadly out of commission at the moment (break-up kilos, let’s not talk about it); but their design and the quality of the fabric used in their construction is really something else. I find it a little hard to believe that pieces of such high quality are from an off-the-rack chain, but that’s sort of the whole point of M.J. Bale really. (more…)

Magical: anEvening at the Canberra Centre


Tonight I had the privilege of attending the Canberra Centre celebration of Christmas, Magical. The event was an opportunity to see the amazing typographic artwork of Gemma O’Brien, commissioned by the Canberra Centre to help ring in the festive season and get everyone in the mood for #thatchristmasfeeling

Emceed by the lovely Sarah Kelly, the event provided guests with a selection of delicious canapes and bubbling champagne in the ground-floor foyer of the Canberra Centre, with a magical mood set by the talented harpist filling the space with angel-soft sounds. As guests took in the atmosphere, Gemma was applying the finishing touches her mural on the wall of the Canberra Centre –  a colossal undertaking to paint the word Magical in shades of gold and white. As you can see above, O’Brien hand-painted the beautiful piece directly onto the wall with astounding grace. (more…)