Military Coat – 90s Grunge or Japanese Cool?


Spring always means rain here in Canberra, and I’m counting my lucky stars I’ve found the perfect jacket to see me through the wet weeks ahead. Today I’m wearing: khaki hooded canvas jacket – German army surplus | white cotton v-neck t-shirt – H&M | obsidian magnatama necklace – Narita, Japan | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | moto embroidered skinny jeans – Loyalty & Faith | tobacco brown suede boots – The Ball & Chain, Catch of the Day


While it might technically be Spring here in Canberra, we’re currently living through a last hurrah for the Winter season that was. The air is still freezing, and rains have set in for the time being, which is doing wonders for my whole “let’s get fit and healthy in time for summer (for the 900th time)” thing. Spring in Canberra always means rain, and two weekends ago while the skies opened up, my parents and I set about rearranging my garage and conducting a bit of Spring-cleaning around my place. The main goal was to neatly pack-up and store the remnant’s of my ex’s belongings wile he’s living abroad. In the process of this, I found a coat.

I had never seen the coat before, but I knew that it belonged to my ex. It’s a khaki or olive-drab military coat with a huge hood and a detachable faux-fur lining. The tags inside the jacket are in German, so I can only assume that this is a surplus German military piece that he collected from somewhere, and which has been sitting in the garage unloved for the past five years. Obviously, waiting for me to discover it and to fall in love with it. (more…)

Breakup – 5 Steps to Coping

Breakup 20160322_a

As you will know by now, I have recently been through a breakup with my partner, and while the split has been amicable to a point of ridiculousness, it still hurts. I find that as a result of the breakup I am getting asked “How are you coping?” a lot at the moment, and while I really appreciate people taking the time to ask how I am doing, the truth of the matter is I just don’t know. It is weird to be single again. It is weird that I don’t live with the boyfriend any more. It’s weird to say breakup like thirteen-year-olds back in high school. Weirdness abounds!

But I have been stuck on the idea of coping, because if I am perfectly honest I’m the least capable person I know, and so I have compiled a list of the 5 steps to coping with a breakup that I have been using, for your entertainment if nothing else.

DISCLAIMER: While I am old, I am by no means wise, and these break up survival ‘tips’ need to be taken with a potentially lethal dose of salt because I am not exactly the picture of ‘dealing’ right now. (more…)

Ink & Leathers in Narita


So, I’m currently in Japan with the Boyfriend for a three-week holiday to celebrate our five-year anniversary and to spend some time exploring more of this amazing country that has captured my heart and soul.

We’re here for three weeks and will be travelling to several different cities in that time, and I will be Blogging the whole trip – it’s just taken me two days to get that sorted out. I thought that I’d kick things off with a little bit about our first stop – Narita! (more…)