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Highlight Colour For Accomplished Dressing

Highlight Colour 20160808_a

A Highlight Colour will really tie together an outfit of just one colour, and make it something special Today I wore: Tortoiseshell and gold-tone sunglasses – ASOS | navy crepe hoodie – Backnumber, Kyoto | orange and white button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | orange kint necktie – Uniqlo | navy and orange cotton webbing belt with leather fastenings – Sportscraft | raw indigo denim ‘Riley’ Jeans – G-Star Raw | whiskey brown leather Chelsea Boots with blue gusset – Red Tape |

When you wear a wardrobe that is mostly the one colour, it is really important to know what your highlight colour is, and how to use it.

A highlight colour is a colour that offsets your outfit when you are wearing mostly the one colour. It is a colour, hue or shade that you tend to reach for to break-up the ocean of your main wardrobe’s colour when you’re feeling a little too matchy-matchy or if the colour you wear is getting a bit suffocating. (more…)

Liberty London for Uniqlo Floral Linen Shirt

Liberty London 20160802_a

When you find a shirt this gorgeous, you need to base your entire outfit around it! Today I wore: Tortoiseshell and gold-tone sunglasses – ASOS | navy pinstriped wool blazer – thrifted | blue and white floral linen shirt – Liberty London for Uniqlo | white cotton pocket square with polka dots – Uniqlo | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | heavily distressed Arc 3D Jeans – G-Star Raw | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


Liberty London would have to be one of the most well known and well loved fabric houses still in operation today. Quintessentially British in history and in design sensibility, Liberty London are known for their fresh floral motifs and bright colours.

Quite opposite to Liberty London you have Japanese street and LifeWear brand Uniqlo. Known for their high-quality basics and simple designs, Uniqlo has rapidly expand its operations to fourteen countries globally and has an ever expanding market for its wears.

A collaboration between Liberty London and Uniqlo was always going to turn heads. (more…)

Leather Blazer: No Love Lost

leather blazer 20160411_a

Acne Studios Cassadey motorcycle jacket in leather and wool felt


A little while ago I asked my friends on Instagram and Facebook to weigh in on a fashion decision that has been plaguing me for a little while now. Specifically I wanted to know if they thought that I could pull-off a leather blazer.

Specifically I am interested in a structured leather blazer in a whiskey/honey brown or navy; or potentially in crocodile/alligator leather. I have seen images of such garments on models and in editorial, and I always think that they look stunning and sophisticated with a bit of an edge. However, I am also very aware that I could quite easily wind up looking like a sleazy mid-40s guy trying to pick up students in a dingy nightclub. Such is the transformative power of the leather blazer.

I asked everyone to be brutally honest in their responses, and I got what I asked for.

The majority of people openly hated the idea of the leather blazer. (more…)

Holidays and Poor Dressing Choices

Holidays Dressing Badly

The Holidays are upon us and everything in life seems to be caught in a tug-of-war between speeding up and slowing down which makes it so difficult to actually get motivated for much of anything. More and more this specifically relates to putting any effort into how I get dressed in the morning. Yesterday, I spent the whole day in an old pair of boxer shorts and a racer-back singlet that shows an alarming amount of side-moob. I even walked outside, moved my car, and put things in the recycling bin! This is especially problematic for someone like yours truly, who has always been on the thicker side of husky, and for whom dressing the part is an integral element of my self-esteem and general demeanor. (more…)

What To Wear… Back to Work: Daily Outfit


It is always hard deciding what to wear when you’re returning to your workplace after any sort of holiday. Today was my first day back at my day-job after three weeks of travelling around Japan, and aside from the fact that I am still adjusting to the change in temperature, I just had no idea what to wear to work today. I knew that I wanted to look my best because no one wants to return from holidays looking worse than when they left, but what to wear to convey that you had a marvelous time and yes, your colleagues should be jealous of your adventures? (more…)

Travel Wardrobe Day 1 – Moody Blue


It has been overcast and drizzling all day, which always poses a challenge to someone like me who seems to be incapable to packing a sensible travel wardrobe. No matter how hard I try, I always find myself completely unprepared for my destination’s weather. As such, before I left I researched as many different travel wardrobe Blogs as I could find. The result is that I am trailing a new travel wardrobe theory on this trip, and living within a very strict selection of pieces for the three weeks. Today’s outfit was aimed at breaking away from the pieces that I usually pair together, and trying something new. (more…)

Putting a Spring in my Step


After a decidedly un-glamorous start to the week (read: a $50 taxi-ride home after coming down with gastro) and 48 hours of lolling about in bed like a giant man-baby feeling sorry for myself; I figured that it was important to head into the rest of the week with a bit of a spring in my step. And nothing in my wardrobe says Spring more than he combination of white and navy. (more…)